Two recordings of a tune named
Astley’s Ride
With a tune named
Haste To The Wedding

Astley’s Ride (polka) is also known as Ashley’s Ride, Astley’s Ride, Drumley’s, Drumlies.

Haste To The Wedding (jig) is also known as Cape Breton’s, Come Haste To The Wedding, Fast Trip To Reno, Gigue Des Petits Moutons, Haste To The Sou’west, Haste To The West, Haste Ye Tae The Wedding, Hasten To The Wedding, Mary, Cut Your Toenails You’re Tearing All The Sheets, Quick Trip To Reno, Rural Felicity, Thurot.

Dance Music Of Ireland, Volume 8 by Matt Cunningham

  1. Haste To The Wedding
  2. Astley’s Ride
  3. Leslie’s

Folktrax-375: Mason's Apron - The Belfast Fiddle Sessions by Tom Turkington, Sean Maguire, Sean Maguire Senior, Liam Donnelly, Bill Montgomery

  1. Haste To The Wedding
  2. Astley’s Ride
  3. The German Beau