Tony’s Trek jig

Also known as Tony Griffin’s.

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One setting

X: 1
T: Tony's Trek
R: jig
M: 6/8
L: 1/8
K: Dmaj
DFA def|edB AFE|DFA def|edB d3|
DFA def|afd ecA|B2B AFA|Bdd d3:|

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Tony’s Trek

Tony Griffin is a young Irishman, an All-Star hurler from County Clare. In 2005, he lost his father to cancer. Tony put his hurling career on hold to raise funds for cancer research. He is cycling across Canada and Ireland and his goal is to raise one million euros. He started in Vancouver on May 2 and is at present cycling in the region of Thunder Bay, Ontario. I co-ordinated the welcome reception for him here in Saskatoon, and I rode out to meet him on his arrival and also on his departure. I composed this jig to commemorate his epic journey. The name of the jig could be taken two ways. A trek is a long journey, and Tony and his support team ride Treks, courtesy of Trek Cycles and the Lance Armstrong Foundation. You can find the details of Tony’s ride (The Ride for the Cure) at (diary, events, photos, videos of TG hurling, etc., and yes my picture is in there too, the guy almost exactly one foot shorter than TG).

Ride for the Cure web page

Maybe someone smarter than I could activate the link to the web page. Thanks. Mairtin

On the page, it looks like it’s going uphill and down hill, like the trecking cyclist?
It has the soothing qualities of a lullaby…

I don’t think that was intentional, birlibirdie. No hills around here for about 500 miles. However, lullaby tempo mimics my fiddle playing. Not by choice.

I did compose one reel in which I tried to marry the rhythm of the reel to the pedalling of the bike in a race called, The Devil Take the Hindmost (name of the race, not the reel).