Wee Tod jig

Also known as Wee Todd, Wee Tot.

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Two settings

X: 1
T: Wee Tod
R: jig
M: 6/8
L: 1/8
K: Amaj
|:E|AAA FEE|AAA fee|cee fee|BcB AFE|
AAA FEE|AAA fee|cee fee|BcB A2:|
|:B|cee e3|cee fee|f2e f2a|f2e cBB|
AAA FEE|AAA fee|cee fee|BcB A2:|
X: 2
T: Wee Tod
R: jig
M: 6/8
L: 1/8
K: Amaj
|:B|AAA FEE|AAA fee|cee fee|BcB AFE|
AAA FEE|AAA fee|cee fee|BcB A2:|
|:B|cee ~e3|cee fee|f2e f2e|f2 e cBB|
AAA FEE|AAA fee|cee fee|BcB A2:|

Twenty-two comments

Wee tod.

Scots jig - from Leslie Craig , Co Antrim.
I could only find the first part of this tune on
the Internet,,

Check your email Jim… 😉

I guess the email wasn’t clear enough… Here is your corrected transcription, but more public. Note, as said, if it is already K: A Major, the sharps are assumed and should not be added again in the transcript…

X: 1
T: Wee Tod
C: Leslie Craig ?
M: 6/8
L: 1/8
R: jig

K: A Major ( = ^F, ^f & ^c )

|: B | AAA FEE | AAA fee | cee fee | BcB AFE |
AAA FEE | AAA fee | cee fee | BcB A2 :|
|: B | cee ~e3 | cee fee | f2e f2e | f2 e cBB |
AAA FEE | AAA fee | cee fee | BcB A2 :||

Thanks for Imfo..

Yes yes thanks this must be an old one i was
useing navigator piano = it put the sharps +flats
in i was told this before = must look out for edit if
I can thanks again

FIDDLE4 ~ you can edit the ABCs, but only you can do that. Then it can convert to dots… ~ I’ll make this stereo! 😉

Click on the ABC tab above, then click on ‘edit’… Once it is clean, and it isn’t just your sharps ^, it can convert. You could just cut and paste what I’ve sent, making any adjustments you’d prefer…

This is great thanks..

If you are the man who writes the scores.
I have plenty of odd and rare tunes you can
convert- for the younger members to learn,,

Wee tod - fixed

WeeTod Fixed the way I play it on stage,,

Good job FIDDLE4, that makes sense now and should eventually convert.

Is the composer Leslie Craig?

Composer unknowen yet

Leslie graig only gave me this tune but I’ll ask
if he knows -this friday,,jim.

Traditional Scottish, as far as I know.

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"Wee Tot" ~ composed by Angus MacAulay

All I had to do was look instead of being distracted on so many sides. 😏 Here’s an extract, better said than me ~ ‘says Nigel Gatherer’, another valued source ~

The Fiddler’s Companion

WEE TODD [1]. Scottish, Jig. A Major. Standard. AABB. According to John MacPhee, Glasgow, the tune was composed by the late Angus MacAulay, originally from Benbecula, who spent his adult life in Glasgow. The real name of the tune is ‘Wee Tot’. He composed the tune in 1956 for his grand-daughter who was about a year old at the time and originally called it “Wee Tot” in her honor, although the name has since become corrupted. MacAulay never wrote his tunes down, MacPhee explains, and it might have been lost except that musician Addie Harper heard it being played one night at a dance in Loch Carron. The melody impressed him enough to write it down, and later Harper’s band, the Wick Scottish Dance Band, included it on their tape “By the Peat Fire,” which helped to popularize it. However, on the Wick band album the tune (appearing as “Wee Todd”) is credited to "McLachlin, presumably Iain McLachlan of Benbecula, says Nigel Gatherer. Martin (Ceol na Fidhle), vol. 4, 1991; pg. 48.

"The Fiddle Music of the Scottish Highlands: Ceol na Fidhle Volumes Three and Four"

Compiled and arranged by Christine Martin
Taigh na Teud, 2002 (1988 & 1991)
ISBN: 1-871931-088

Page 69: "Wee Tod"
~ uncredited, some minor differences between transcripts…

Wee tod

WEE TODD [1]. Scottish, Jig. A Major. Standard. or WEE TOT.. Thankyou very much
for this imfo,, I’am glad to here his name- esp’
when mine ‘s Jim Mc Auley..

I always thought this was by Fergie MacDonald.

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Wee Todd

Used to think this was Wee Tod, Traditional tune - Tod = fox - but have recently found from the RSCDS CD for the Diamond Jubilee that it was written by the late P/M Angus MacAuley (see earlier comment), although the title was given as "Wee Todd". "Uncle" Angus’s niece lives locally (Berkshire) and is an active dancer, although now in her 80s. I think the title should be "Wee Tot", as explained earlier. I will see her soon and will check this with her. I am also a friend of (and play with) Frank Thomson, whose band made the CD mentioned above and I will see what he knows (probably nothing). Attribution of tunes is often just a reference to the person who played it, or even wrote it as in "The Remerts of Hurford" (often called, incorrectly …"of Hereford") by Hamish Menzies. Andrew Rankine couldn’t recall the title and referred to it as "Hamish’s Tune" and it is often called that as a result.

Wee Todd

Actually it is Herford, not Hurford, and it is in North Rhine-Westphalia. Tune was written for a dance called "A Trip to Bavaria". Geography’s a wee bit wrong I think.

Wee Tod

Not sure how my comment on "The Remerts of Herford" came under the "Wee Tod" heading. Wee Tod (originally "Wee Tot") was a pipe jig, composed by P/M Angus MacAuley to celebrate the birth of a grandchild. Nothing to do with foxes and many think (understandably).

MacAuley or MacAulay

On my list of Pipe Majors of the Lovat Scouts I have a P/M Angus MacAuley who died in 1936 and a P/M Angus MacAulay (1902-1995) - note the different spelling of the surname!
Does anyone have more information about these Pipe Majors?

Re: Wee Tod

Sorry, missed this one until just now. P/M Angus MacAulay (1902-1995) is the one who composed "Wee Tod (or Tot - see above)" some 20 years after Angus MacAuley died.

Re: Wee Tod

There is some debate over who composed the tune. Many believe it was P/M Angus MacAulay who composed the jig and was dedicated to one of the drummers in his pipe band based in the Falkirk area.
However as I’ve questioned before, why would an established piper compose a tune OUTWITH the scale of the pipes?
I have always believed the tune to be composed by the late Iain MacLachlan of Benbecula who is also credited with composing The Dark Island (originally called Dr Mackay’s Farewell to Creagory but changed after it was adopted as the theme music for the 1960s BBC drama series, The Dark Island). However it has recently came to light that that tune may have been composed by an Inverness music teacher, Grace Gibson. I have an original copy of Grace Gibson’s version printed by an Inverness Music shop.

Re: Wee Tod

Well my name is, Jim McAuley, so it can’t be all bad 😉
Thank’s for this Info !