A Duck Walks Into A Pharmacy…. jig

By Will Harmon

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One setting

X: 1
T: A Duck Walks Into A Pharmacy....
R: jig
M: 6/8
L: 1/8
K: Ddor
DFA DFA|GEC EFG|DFA def|edc d2 e|
~f3 fed|ecA AGF|EGc edc|1 AGE DFE:|2 AGE D^FA||
K: D mix
d3 def|afd fed|~c3 cde|gag fe^c|
def def|afd fed|~c3 edc|1 AGE DFA:|2 AGE D=FE||
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A Duck Walks into a Pharmacy….

One of my own, on a dare and a whim from a session mate. I like how the c nat in the second part lets the tune slip back into D dorian on the turn back to the first part. Also, the F|EGc edc|AGE D…| bit is really fun to play on fiddle, mandolin, and banjo.

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It’d be fun to accompany it on guitar. Would you stare me down if I did? 😀

I was thinking of you as the tune wandered from c nats to c sharps, and f nats to f sharps.

Now I’m going to pen a tune called “A Priest, a Rabbi, and an Imam Walk into a Bar….” and use only three pitches for the whole tune…..

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Okay, I’m gonna write a *good* tune using only three pitches…..


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Was it an American duck?

His name is Donald…

Heh, if it was an American duck, he’d be walking into a Canadian pharmacy to get the same meds cheaper….

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Where’s that damn 10 guage Martha? That f*kin’ duck is out there mounting our chickens again… I’m going to turn that quacker into a duvet…

The shouldn’t sell Viagra to ducks…

Hmmm…perhaps the Viagra is getting into their water. Better quit p*ssing into the lake, you dottering SPOG you.

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Vye a duck?

Vye a duck? …. thanks to Groucho

Is there a sanity clause ?

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Last night I shot a duck in my pyjamas.

What he was doing in my pyjamas I’ll never know.

Thanks Geoff. I seem to be hung up in D dorian lately. It lends itself to fun arpeggiated melody lines on fiddle and mandolin.

The more I play this one, the more I like it, especially the lift you get going into the B part.

Some day I’d like to figure out where these tunes come from. My muse is a bit like a telephone chat line–she has an alluring voice, but I can only imagine what she looks like, let alone guess at her name and backhistory. 😉

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And then there’s the one…..

Cheshire, you might also consider this as a title for a tune:

“A Redhead, a Blonde and a Brunette…”

This line has its own series of jokes, which are an offshoot of The Blonde Joke. The short version of the punchline is that the blondes are (as usual) dumb, the redheads are smart and/or leaders, and the brunettes are… normal.

I’d suggest the panda walking into the restaurant, but Ms Lynne Truss has used the punch line for the title of her punctuation book.

There is, however, the one where the cop sees a woman knitting behind the wheel of her (moving) car. He tells her to “Pull over!” and she says “No, cardigan!”

“Should I put it on your bill?”
“No, no, I’m not that kind of duck!”

Re: A Duck Walks Into A Pharmacy….

This discussion quacks me up.

Re: A Duck Walks Into A Pharmacy….

Here is a joke from my aunt who was a blonde when she was younger: “Why are all of the blonde jokes one liners? So men can understand them.” Before she died a few years ago, she either told me or sent me some of the worst and best blonde jokes I have ever heard or read.


Re: A Duck Walks Into A Pharmacy….

Ceolachan the duck’s first name might be Daffy. According to Michael Garibaldi, who was the chief of security on the Babylon Five space station, the picture of Daffy Duck in his room on the station is a picture of the Egyptian God of Frustration. Or at least that is what Garibaldi told one of the alien ambassadors.


Re: A Duck Walks Into A Pharmacy….

‘Mummy, Mummy! There’s a man at the door with a bill!’

‘Nonsense, dear. It must be a duck with a hat on.’

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