Skipper’s jig

Also known as The Cock Is Announcing The Day, Ta An Coileach Ag Fogairt An Lae, When The Cock Crows It Is Day.

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One setting

X: 1
T: Skipper's
R: jig
M: 6/8
L: 1/8
K: Dmaj
|: AFE DEF | G2B d2B | ABA A2F | E3 E>FG|
AFE DEF | G2B dcB | ABA F2E | D3 D>FG :|
|: A2F A2F | G3 G>FG | ABA AGF | E3 A,>FG |
AFE DEF | G2B dcB | ABA F2E | D3 D2z :|

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Traditional Melody

This is a melody that Ive heard in Irish music but cant seem to find a clear variant of it anywhere. I have found the melody used in early American ballads one being "Barbara Allen" and the other "The Jealous Lover."

I learned the tune from My Mother who learned it from her Grandfather J.C. Skipper (he was a fiddler born around 1880)… So it has been in my family for some time.


It sounds to me like a song the Dubliners have recorded on their LP ‘Further along’: "Ta an coileach Ag Fogairt an Lae" - with a few differences.

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Good ear ceili…

The Chieftans also did that tune: Live From Dublin: A Tribute to Derek Bell

Ta an coileach Ag Fogairt an Lae - Anyone know what it means?

"Ta an coileach Ag Fogairt an Lae" ~ relatives, would you believe? 😏

"When The Cock Crows It Is Day"
Key signature: G Major
Submitted on February 7th 2004 by kiwi.

Joined by a common language… 😎