A Night In Garden Of Eden polka

Also known as A Freiylekhe Nakht In Gan Eydn, A Nacht In Gan Eydn, A Nakht In Gan Eydn.

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Three settings

X: 1
T: A Night In Garden Of Eden
R: polka
M: 2/4
L: 1/8
K: Dmin
|:A,2 D2E2|"^dm"F4E2D2|F4E2D2|E2F2 D4|
"C"z2C2 F2G2|"F"A4G2F2|A4G2F2|G2A2 F4|
z2C2 F2A2|"F"c4"C"B4|"F"A4G2F2|"A7"F2G2 F2E2|
"^dm"D6"C"C2|"F"F2 G4F2|"A7" (3A2G2F2 (3F2E2D2|"^dm"D8-|D2:|
|:A2|"^dm"A2d2 d2d2|d2A2 fed2|"D7"^c2d2 B2A2|
"^gm"G6G2|^F2G2 A2B2|"A7"^c2d2 c2B2|
"^dm"A8-|A4"C"C4|"F"C2F2 F2A2|"D7"c2c2 B2A2|
"^gm"d2G2 G2G2|G2AG"A"F2E2|"^dm"D4A2F2|
[1"A"G2G2 F2G2|"^dm"A8|d6:|
|:A2 B2A2|"^dm"d8|"A"z2A2 F2E2|"^dm"D8|
"A7"z2A2 B2A2|"^dm"f8-|(3f2e2d2"A" (3^c2d2e2|
"^dm"d8|z2c2 =B2c2|"D"d2_e2 d2c2|"F"=B2c2 _B2A2|
=B2c2 _B2A2|"^gm"G6F2|"^dm"F2 G4F2|
"A7" (3A2G2F2 (3F2E2D2|"^dm"D8-|D2:|
# Added by fiel .
X: 2
T: A Night In Garden Of Eden
R: polka
M: 2/4
L: 1/8
K: Dmin
F2 ED|F2 ED|EF D2|zC FG|A2 GF|A2 GF|GA F2|zC FA|
c2 B2|A2 GF|FG FE|D3 C|FG- GF|(3AGF (3FED|1 D4:|2 D4-|D2 zA||
|:Ad dd|dA f/e/d|^cd BA|G3 G|^FG AB|^cd cB|A4-|A2 C2|
CF FA|cc BA|dG GG|GA/G/ FE|D2 AF|1 GG FG|A4|d2 zA:|2 GG FE|D4||
d4|zA FE|D4|zA BA|f4-|(3fed (3^cde|d4|zc =Bc|
d_e dc|=Bc _BA|=Bc _BA|G3 F|FG- GF|(3AGF (3FED|D4:|
X: 3
T: A Night In Garden Of Eden
R: polka
M: 2/4
L: 1/8
K: Dmin
|:Ade|f2 ed|f2 ed|ef d2|z cfg|
a2 gf|a2 gf|ga f2|zcfa|
c'2 b2|a2 gf|fg fe|d3 c|
f g2 f|(3agf (3fed|d4|z:|
|:A|Ad dd|dA f/e/d|^cd BA|
G3 G|^FG AB|^cd cB|A4-
A2 C2|CF FA|cc BA|dG GG|GA/G/ FE|
D2 AF|1 gg fg|a4|Td'3:|2 gg fe|d3||
|:aba|Td'4|z afe|d4|z aba|
f'4-|(3f'e'd' (3^c'd'e'|d'4|zc'=bc'|
d'_e'd'c'|=bc'_ba|=bc'_ba|g3 f|
f g2 f|(3agf (3fed|d4-|d:|

Eight comments

one of the most played, very party-party

Posted by .

“A freiylekhe Nakht in Gan Eydn”

“The Klezmer Conservatory Band” 😀
One of my favourites and good medicine… My soul rejoices, and it desperately needed it today… Shalom fiel…

“What soap is to the body, laughter is to the soul”

I made an arrangement of this tune for my middle school orchestra and i’ts one of our most popular pieces

Great tune also a hit at the Bagel Shop.
We play it at least twice the speed.
Freylakh on !

There is a very slow version of this tune called ‘The Secrets of the Tree of Life’

The Compleat Klezmer" ~ Henry Sapoznik & Pete Sokolow

Tara Publications / Hal Leonard, 1987-88
ISBN: 0-933676-10-7 (with CD)

Page 38: “A Nakht In Gan Eydn”
Harry Kandel’s Orchestra 1926

~ actually, note-for-note this transcription, except in 2/4 ~ ?
Chords used in this transcription ~ Dm / D7 F / Gm / A7 / C7
Minus those, with some light editing but no changing of notes or barring ~

X: 2
T: A Nakht In Gan Eydn
M: 2/4
L: 1/8
R: Bulgar / Freiylekhe
Q: 1/4 = 110-115
K: d minor
|: zA, DE |
F2 ED | F2 ED | EF D2 | zC FG | A2 GF | A2 GF | GA F2 | zC FA |
c2 B2 | A2 GF | FG FE | D3 C | FG- GF | (3AGF (3FED |[1 D4 :|[2 D4- | D2 zA ||
|: Ad dd | dA f/e/d | ^cd BA | G3 G | ^FG AB | ^cd cB | A4- | A2 C2 |
CF FA | cc BA | dG GG | GA/G/ FE | D2 AF |[1 GG FG | A4 | d2 zA :|[2 GG FE | D4 ||
|: zA BA |
d4 | zA FE | D4 | zA BA | f4- | (3fed (3^cde | d4 | zc =Bc |
d_e dc | =Bc _BA | =Bc _BA | G3 F | FG- GF | (3AGF (3FED | D4 :|

This seems a better time signature for it?

I hope this wasn’t a case of not crediting a source… There isn’t a note of difference, not in pitch or length, but hey, maybe everybody plays it exactly this way? 😏