Ronas Voe waltz

By Ronald Cooper

Also known as Rona’s Voe.

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Three settings

X: 1
T: Ronas Voe
R: waltz
M: 3/4
L: 1/8
K: Gmaj
|:B,2 C2|D6|B4 F2|A2 G4|D4 G2|E4 G2|A4 G2|B6-|B2 B,2 C2|
D6|B2 A2 F2|A2 G2 F2|G4 B2|A6|A4 E2|A6-|A2 B,2 C2|
D2 B,2 D2|B4 F2|A2 G4|D4 G2|E4 G2|A4 G2|B6-|B4 D2|
E6|F6|G6|c6|B4 D2|B4 A2|G6-|G2:|
X: 2
T: Ronas Voe
R: waltz
M: 3/4
L: 1/8
K: Dmaj
|:F>G|A3 F A2|f2 c2 d2|(3efe d3 B|A4 d2|B4 d2|e4 f2|A6|(3ABA F3 G|
A4 F2|(3fgf- f2 c>d|e2 (3ded c2|d2 A2 d2|e4 B2|e4 d2|c6|(3efe E2 (3EFG|
A6|f3 c d2|e2 d3 c|A2 d2 c2|B4 d2|e4 d2|g6-|g4 B2|
B2 ^A2 B2|c6|d3 c d2|e2 f2 g2|f a3 f2|(3efe a2 c2|d3 A F2|D4:|
X: 3
T: Ronas Voe
R: waltz
M: 3/4
L: 1/8
K: Dmaj
|:F2 G2|A6|f4 c2|e2 d4|A4 d2|B4 d2|e4 d2|f6-|f2 F2 G2|
A6|f4 c2|e2 d4|d4 f2|e6|e4 B2|e6-|e2 F2 G2|
A6|f4 c2|e2 d4|A4 d2|B4 d2|e4 d2|f6-|f4 A2|
B6|c6|d6|g6|f4 A2|f4 e2|d6-|d2:|

Eleven comments

Ronnie Cooper Week ~ one of his waltzes ~ “Ronas Voe”

The Fiddler’s Companion Website ~ Andrew Kuntz

RONAS VOE. Shetland, Waltz. G Major. Standard. One part. Composed in the 1950’s by Shetland accordion and piano player Ronnie Cooper, and recorded with the group “Hamefarers,” which included Scottish fiddler Willie Hunter. Matthiesen (Waltz Book II), 1995; pg. 54. Thule Records, The Hamefarers - “The Hamefarers” (c. 1950’s).

Another ABC transcript:

“Ronas Voe” by Ronnie Cooper ~ G & D

Alright, alright, I got a little carried away with the D version, so here it is bare bones:

X: 1134
T: Ronas Voe
C: Ronnie Cooper
O: Shetland Islands
M: 3/4
L: 1/8
R: Waltz
K: D Major
|: F2 G2 |
A6 | f4 c2 | e2 d4 | A4 d2 | B4 d2 | e4 d2 | f6- | f2 F2 G2 |
A6 | f4 c2 | e2 d4 | d4 f2 | e6 | e4 B2 | e6- | e2 F2 G2 |
A6 | f4 c2 | e2 d4 | A4 d2 | B4 d2 | e4 d2 | f6- | f4 A2 |
B6 | c6 | d6 | g6 | f4 A2 | f4 e2 | d6- | d2 :|

Good man C

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Sorry I was late getting around to this Swift, other requests and distractions… I hope this is a reasonable transcript for you. I hope you’ll forgive my flurries in the D-zone…

“Sunset Over Foula” ~ another waltz by Ronnie Cooper

Key signature: D Major
Submitted on June 13th 2007 by ceolachan.

These waltzes are often found in the company of one another…

Haha, not at all, very impressive in fact. I should probably sit down and crack this ABC thing, there’s a good few tunes I’ve wanted to post myself.


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I look forward to your future contributions Swift…