The Bigamist jig

By Henrik Norbeck

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One setting

X: 1
T: The Bigamist
R: jig
M: 6/8
L: 1/8
K: Dmaj
d=cA GFE|DFA d2e|fda ged|=cdc A2G|
d=cA GFE|DFA d2e|fda ge^c|1 Add d3:|2 Add d2e||
|:fef gfg|agf ede|~A3 def|gfd e3|
~f3 agf|gfe fdB|Add ^cde|1 fdd d2e:|2 fdd d3||
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Luck?.. or..?…

By Henrik Norbeck

“For my friend Folke who was going out with two girls at the same time”

A nice tune!

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Luck, luck, lucking on Heaven’s door…

I mean.. about the luck…going out with two girls at the same time!! Was it luck or augh!! you get what I mean!

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Same time

Was this simultaneous or contemporaneous? In other words was it bigamy or just plain kinky stuff? And was Henrik actually jealous? Does it really matter?
Despite that it isn’t a bad tune.

I guess not all the details can be told her, too many American readers 😉

Great Tune, one of the few contemporary tunes which sound centuries old!

Re: The Bigamist

I’m glad to see that my best composition has made it onto this site.

Re: The Bigamist

Well Hnorbeck, tunes aren’t vetted a lot since Jeremy is a busy man doing lots of things. Several of my tunes are on The Session which doesn’t mean to say they are specially good. Actually now that I’ve the chance, do look at “Orkney Spring Nights” and “French Cheese” as in fact these are not half bad. Gawd it is cold in Glasgow and I wish it wld stop raining.

Re: The Bigamist

I came across Henrik’s jig in a recent thread (see about thesession members’ own compositions and both The Bigamist and fionán’s jig, The Workhouse stood out for me as simply lovely examples of the tune form. Henrik very kindly allowed me to record The Bigamist for inclusion in my website and YouTube channel and I’m hoping that, over time, this means that a few more people will get to hear - and decide to learn - the jig.