The Fisherman In The Wardrobe mazurka

By Michael McGoldrick

Also known as Fisherman In The Wardrobe Hop Jig.

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One setting

X: 1
T: The Fisherman In The Wardrobe
R: mazurka
M: 3/4
L: 1/8
K: Ador
A2 AG Ae|gf de cB|A2 AG Ae|gf de c2:|
e2 cB ce|d2 BA Be|d2 BA Be|dc Bc Ac:|

Eleven comments

Ceci n’est pas une waltz

What is it? It’s not a waltz, anyway. I think it’s a hop jig, others say it sounds like a bouree, a mazurka, or a slip-slide! Even if it is a hop jig, it didn’t make sense to me to notate it in 9/8. Mike McGoldrick made it up, ask him. On Fused, he plays it with essentially no swing. We’ve been playing it at our session with just a pinch of swing (just can’t help ourselves!) and quite zippy going into his other one from Fused, Goodbye Grant, and then into this one:
which I guess is called James Kelly’s. See the comments on that tune, a lot of the discussion about the notation applies here, too, I think.

Non standard…

is what I’d say it’s “type of tune” is. 🙂 To me, it seems to have a bit of a Breton feel about it.

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In my book it’s definitely a Mazurka above all else. My daughter plays this and all the other McGoldrick CDs all the time. This is one tune I’ve been meaning to get around transposing. Thanks ‘pc’ for doing so. She will have a broad grin on her face when I start playing it.

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Cheers, Hetty. I’ll be posting the second one, Goodbye Grant, tonight, so you’ll soon have a matched pair!

Hanter Dro

Could be played as this type of Breton dance as well, I think.

Does this have any relation to ( or derivation from ) Paul Stevens’ The Fiddler in the Wardrobe ?

Yeah, this is a sweet tune. I was going to try and transcribe it too, but you got to it! Good stuff! I love this tune.

hmm the second part sound like goodbye grant, a lot of tunes have interesting names, i wonder what’s the story behind these titles

I’m with swisspiper here. This melody as it stands, to my senses, has a Breton feel, like a hanter-dro. I don’t sense anything of the mazurka in it…

& muspc too… 😉

Re: The Fisherman In The Wardrobe

I would think a Fisherman in your Wardrobe would be a “Quilting Fisherman” 😉