The Mill Of Kylemore reel

By Josie McDermott

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One setting

X: 1
T: The Mill Of Kylemore
R: reel
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Gmaj
DG G2 BGAG|FGAB (3cBA Bc|d2 eg fdcA|(3Bcd cA G3:|
B|dg g2 bg g2|abag fdcA|Bgfg egdB|GBAG FDBc|
[1 dg g2 bg g2|abag fdcA|d2 eg fdcA|(3Bcd cA G3:|
[2 dg g2 bg g2|abag fdcA|defa gfdc|(3Bcd cA G3||

Eleven comments

It seems strange to me that no one has submitted this tune yet. Now, I know my previous two submissions were (pardon my German), complete shiest. The music to Planxty Garvin sounds nice, my ABC notation “skills, however, butchered it completely. MY self-composition had terrible notation as well, nor did it even follow much of the structure of a jig. This time, while I’m completely re-learning ABC, I instead took the lazy, cheap way of doing this; I found it on google.

p.s. I may as well work on my typing and some of my grammar as well while I’m at it…

If this is someone else’s transcription…

it’s customary to credit that source.

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Yes! ~ a common courtesy, to respect our sources where possible… 😏

Mill of Kylemore

Isn’t this one of Josie McDermott’s compositions?

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YES!!! ~ “Mill of Kylemore” ~ composed by Josie McDermott

Also should have been credited, even more so… 😏

“Mill of Kylemore” ~ by Josie McDermott ~ transcribed by Andrew Pickering

Le Session ~ crediting the hard work of others ~

File, posted 11th May 2002.

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In the course of discussions, tunes are often posted to the list in abc format. These tunes are posted to illustrate a point, to answer a query, or just as one wooden flute player sharing a good tune with the members of the list.

This file comprises the abc tunes posted to the list between May 2001 and April 2002. I have made an honest attempt to credit all individual abc notations to the correct transcriber, and to observe any copyright issues relating to tunes in the file : I will happily correct any errors.

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Sorry, yet again my inexperience has found it’s place here. The credit for transcribing this tune goes to Andrew Pickering.

This is us being nice Leiouekairna ~ all of us have screwed up or left something out at one time or the other. I still do it, and don’t ask about missing letters or transposed (trnaspsoed) letters. At least you have the courtesy to acknowledge a mistake and to try to make restitution.

Of particular interest and appreciation for some of us, rather than transcriptions perloined from books and the Internet, is to see how you make a tune your own, or how you take it in whatever group or session you play it with. But also, to see someone transcribe a tune from a musician they appreciate, that too is great to see, that nod of appreciation and respect for another…

Best of luck in the future ~ ‘c’


I’ve been going through some “Treoir” magazines from the 1990s, and came across this tune transcribed in a 1999 edition, linked to an article about the late Alderman Michael Daly, former Mayor of Worthing. Josie McDermott was a great friend of his and composed this tune for him, in memory of one of his visits.
According to the article :

“Everything about his home was Ireland. The iron gate leading into his drive had “Kylemore” in bold, and painted gold inscription along the whole length of it. The fish pool was in the shape of a map of Ireland.”

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