Twenty-four recordings of Jump At The Sun

Also known as The Acidic Fairies, All For Piers, Dancing At The Sun, Fairies On Acid, Jump At Sun, Jump At The Sun, The South Of France, The Spy.

This tune has been recorded together with Morrison’s (a few times), Frank’s (a few times), Jenny Dang The Weaver (a few times), Andy De Jarlis’, April Storm, Balls To Hall, Cleveland Park, The Coleraine, Cooley’s, Drowsy Maggie, Dusty Windowsills, The Eel Pot Tavern, Flint Hills Ride, Garryowen, Health To The Ladies, The Irish Washerwoman, Jig Of Life, John O’Connor, The Kesh, The Lilting Banshee, The Plane Tree, The Pumpherston, The Sailor’s Wife, The Silver Vale, Tam Lin.

  1. 10 Penny Bit by Les Violinik
  2. 2019 – A Breeze Odyssey by Harmundi
  3. Acoustic Potluck by Three Bean Salad
  4. An Ceoltoir Fanach by Cathy Custy
  5. Ceilidh Tonight by Jingbang Ceilidh Band
  6. Cook’n Up a Storm by Kitchen Jam Band
  7. Cornerstone by Celtic Spring
  8. Do You Want Kilts With That? by Lalla Rookh
  9. Extended Procrastination by Mawkin
  10. Fantasy At The Faire by Joe Jewell & Featherstone
  11. Gander In The Pratie Hole by Carlos Plumley And Mike Herr
  12. Good Tunes, vol.1 by Good Tunes Band
  13. In Season by Wild Asparagus
  14. Jam by Elderberries
  15. One Man And His Box by John Kirkpatrick
  16. Something… by Threepenny Bit
  17. The Dance of the Demon Daffodils by John Kirkpatrick
  18. The Irish side of Piemonte by Folkamiseria
  19. The Picturesque Piccolo by Jim Gornall
  20. The White Street Band by The White Street Band
  21. The Wind Shall Blow Forever More by The Iron Horse
  22. The Winding Road by Trip to Nelson
  23. Um Orvalho Boreal by Harmundi
  24. Yes by Banter