Goodbye Grant mazurka

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One setting

X: 1
T: Goodbye Grant
R: mazurka
M: 3/4
L: 1/8
K: Bmin
FB Bd c/B/A|FB BA FE|FB Bd c/B/A|ed cA B2:|
f2 dc df|e2 cB cf|e2 cB cf|ed cA B2:|

Six comments

Goodbye Grant

This non-mazurka is the companion to The Fisherman in the Wardrobe
both by Mike McGoldrick.
If anyone has the stories behind the enigmatic titles, I’d love to hear them.

Last bar

After listening to CD I reckon last bar should read, | ed cA B2 :||

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In both ‘A’ & ‘B’ music.

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This is really cheeky of me, since I’ve never heard the tune, but …

I reckon the second and third bars of the second part would sound better like this:

e2cBce | d2BABf | etc

Cheeky, as I say …

Hetty: right you are! I always have trouble nailing down those passing notes. I made the change in the ABCs, but anyone learning from the dots or the midi is out of luck!

benhall: what cheek! Better? Well, it’s all in the ear of the behearer. Certainly an interesting variation, but changes the character of the tune too much for my taste. I’ll stick to the original for now, and if I find myself getting bored I’ll throw in a little d2BABf for spice!

Breton connections and inspirations ~

Again, a Breton inspiration would be my guess here, as with the companion tune, and along similar lines to what was being said there, possibly a hanter-dro…