One recording of
Kitty Of Oulart
Mac’s Fancy

Kitty Of Oulart (jig) is also known as Caitilin Ua Uball-Gort, Donnybrook Boy.

Mac’s Fancy (jig) is also known as Any Auld Thing At All, Big Ned, Haugh’s, The Inverness, John Doherty’s, King Billy’s March, Lord MacDonald’s March To Harlaw, MacDonald Of The Isles, MacDonald Of The Isles March To Harlaw, MacGregor, Mack’s Fancy, March Of Donald Lord Of The Isles To The Battle Of Harlaw, Nóisean Ar Mac, O’Reilly’s, Paddy Lyon’s, Phil’s, The Rover’s Return, The Rovers Return, The Victor’s Return.

The Heart Of Cape Breton by Various Artists

  1. Kitty Of Oulart
  2. Nameless
  3. Inverness
  4. Memories Of Mac
  5. Little House Round The Corner
  6. Money In Both Pockets
  7. The Jumpy