The Happy hornpipe

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One setting

X: 1
T: The Happy
R: hornpipe
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Gmaj
dc|BGGG DGBG|EGcd e2ge|d2ge dged|BAAB A2dc|
BGGG DGBG|EGcd efga|bgdg ecDF|AGGF G2:|
F3G ADEF|G3B dBgd|ecge dBgB|cAFA G2:|

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The Happy Hornpipe

I learned this from the CD “Dreaming Up The Tunes” by Johnny Og Connolly And Brian McGrath, and according to the liner notes it was written by Mairtin O’Connor. It may be on his difficult-to-find Chatterbox album, but that is pure speculation.

Your speculation is true - the tune is the second of two hornpipes on the Chatterbox album. The name of the track is ‘The Bumblebee’.

Love this tune. Got it from a workshop with June McCormack a few summers ago. Had never heard the tune before and really haven’t heard it since except when I or somebody else who was at the same workshop plays it. It’s ashamed because it’s such a fun little tune. I learned it with a few slight differences than what is posted here, so I’ll tack those into the Comments section here when I get the chance.

June McCormack is happy, too

I think it’s in her flute tune book that you can buy off the Draiocht website
Can anyone with the book comment on how her transcription compares with the one here, and whether she mentions it’s by Mairtin O’Connor?

I’m 99% sure you’re right about the tune being in her book. A friend of mine was going to pick up a copy for me last summer, but my friend got the last one. I’ve heard the accompanying CD though, and I think the tune is on there, so I assume it’s in the book. If nobody around here has the book, then I’ll get it from my friend and do some comparing and contrasting. Just for kicks, will also compare it to how she taught it to us at the workshop.