Sister Jean barndance

Also known as Sister Jean’s.

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Three settings

X: 1
T: Sister Jean
R: barndance
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Dmaj
|:d>B|A>Bd>e f2 f>d|g2 g>e f2 f>g|f2 e>f g>e (3Bcd|(3efe d>c d>e:|
|:f>g|a>A (3AAA A>FA>d|(3BcB A>^G A2- A>=g|(3fgf e>f g>ec>d|e>d (3ddc d2:|
X: 2
T: Sister Jean
R: barndance
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Dmaj
|:dB|ABde f2 fd|g2 ge f2 fg|f2 ef gecd|e2 d2 d2:|
|:fg|a2 A2 AFAd|B2 G2 A2 Ag|f2 ef gecd|e2 d2 d2:|
X: 3
T: Sister Jean
R: barndance
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Dmaj
ABde f2 fd|g2 ge f3 g|f2 ef gecd|1 e2 d2 dedB:|
[2 e2 d2 defg|:a2 A2 AFAd|B2 G2 A3 g|f2 ef gecd|

Nine comments

"Sister Jean" ~ Shetland appreciation overlap

This was Sunday’s tune but I was wacked, exhausted, having been fighting with digits all day, my hands and wrist cramping up on me and burning, and weird stuff with this homebuilt computer. Don’t go there, it has been going strong for years so a few hiccups are not bad considering, and it isn’t usually down to my workmanship thank you… 😉

Anyway, Nigel and others have caught me neglectful in the past, so, to start, this isn’t transcribed from anywhere else but my head and the digits I earlier complained about. I have come across this tune in some interesting places and uses. for performance, for some damned reason, it gets shoved in with ‘Da Seven Step Polka’, despite a bar count difference. For dance it fits nicely with ‘Da Boannie Polka’, as does ‘Da Seven Step’ on its own, since a specific dance goes with that that is equal to it’s 12 measures… But you know me, on the whole I’m not too keen on inflexible dogma… However, I still think it is daft, even worse placing ‘The Seven’ in the middle, however similar in treatment they might be:

"Da Bonnie Polka" / "Da Seven Step Polka" / "Sister Jean Polka"

‘Sister Jean’ has been transcribed in 4/4 and 2/4, including both ways by Nigel Gatherer himself. Here is a bit of his lovely site, offering up alternative dots and midi, for both this and ‘Da Boannie Polka’:

"Da Boannie Polka" / "Sister Jean"

"Sister Jean" ~ another take ~ New England contra & couple dancing

“The Fiddlecase Book of 101 Polkas”
Compiled and edited by Jack Perron & Randy Miller
Fiddlecase Books, 1978
Tune # 30 ~ the book is now out of print…

The following has had minor editing, for example the lead-ins into both parts replacing 1st and 2nd endings and the final d2 instead of d/e/…

X: 2
T: Sister Jean
M: 2/4
L: 1/8
R: polka
K: D Major
|: d/B/ |
A/B/d/e/ ff/d/ | gg/e/ ff/d/ |
fe/f/ g/e/A/e/ | e/d/d/c/ d/e/ :|
|: f/g/ |
aA A/F/A/A/ | BA A/F/A/A/ |
fe/f/ g/e/A/e/ | e/d/d/c/ d2 :|

? ~ not sure I fully understand spindizzy… I can see this "Sister Jean" being paired with "The Greenland Man’s Tune", but the latter with a jig? I don’t know… 😏

I suspect it is a case of confusing ‘swing’ with jig time, not uncommon, and that as said in the comments, it is more likely a strathspey derivative, especially with the ‘snap’… The melody fits that better too, IMlthO… 😉

ABde f2 fd |g2 ge f3 g |f2 ef gecd |[1e2 d2 dedB :|
[2 e2 d2 defg |:a2 A2 AFAd |B2 G2 A3 g |f2 ef gecd |
[1e2 d2 defg :|[2 e2 d2 d4 :|