Haneros Haluli barndance

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One setting

X: 1
T: Haneros Haluli
R: barndance
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Gmin
GB A2G2-|G2^cd =cBAG|(g8|g)fed cBAG|dccB BAAG|
dccB BAAG|d^ccB BAAG|BAG^F G4|d3/2f/2 (3edc d2B2|
d3/2f/2 (3edc d2B2|c2B2 (3f=ef (3_edc|d2d2-dccB|d3/2f/2 (3edc d2B2|
d3/2f/2 (3edc d2B2|cB c'2c'2(ba)|b8|f4-fg_ag|fedc dc B2|
cdef d2cB|d2d4-d2|f4-fg_ag|fedc BAGA|B2cA BG_AF|G8|
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As played by Finjan: "Dancing on Water"
Rounder Records 11661-3160-2, 2000

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Also recorded on "The Lost Jewish Music Of Transylvania"
by Muzsikas, in e minor

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The first 8, and the last 8 bars are to be repeated, ie. not the 8 middle bars.

We play it "molto cantabile" as it is a song used in connection with the jewish celebration of Hannukah; around the same time of year where some others celebrate Christmas
Have fun 🙂

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At the very bottom of this page, you can download our rendition of Fincans: http://mpjsoft.dk/oes
….but for Christ’s sake (and THE Others) try to get Fincan’s, it’s evidently MUCH better!

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