Crane Beach hornpipe

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One setting

X: 1
T: Crane Beach
R: hornpipe
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Gmaj
(3DEF|:"G"GFGA "Em" ~B3d|"C"gded "G"BAGB|"C"c2 "G"B2 "Am"ABAG|"D"FA (3GFE D2 (3DEF|
"G"GFGA "Em"~B3d|"C"gded "G"BAGB|"Am"cecB "D"AG (3FGA|1 "G"G2 GF G2 (3DEF:|2 G2 GF G2 Bc||
|:"Bm"d2 BA "Em"G2 AB|"Am"~c3d cB A2|"Em"G2 E2 "C"E2 FG|"D"(3ABA (3GFE "D/C"DABc|
"Bm"d2 BA "Em"G2 e2|"Am"cdcB "D"A2 (3cBA|"G"GD (3B,CD "C"EFGB|"D"~A3G A2 Bc:|
|:"G"(3ddd Bd ~g3b|"Am"ae (3eee ac'ba|"G"gdBA GABG|"Am/G"cBAG "D"FABc|
"G"(3ddd Bd ~g3b|"Am"ae (3eee ac'ba|"C"gded "G"BAGB|1 "Am7"(3ABA "D"GF "G"GABc:|2 "Am7"(3ABA "D"GF "G"G3||

Two comments

Crane Beach

A nice tune that sounds good as a moderate reel or as a hornpipe with a strong backbeat. Crane Beach is a lovely place in Ipswich, Massachusetts, USA where during the off season you can bring your horses and gallop for miles along the water.

Nice chords. Nice tune, as well…