Kandel’s Hora waltz

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X: 1
T: Kandel's Hora
R: waltz
M: 3/4
L: 1/8
K: Dmin
|:A3^c ed|^c3B AG|A6|B2A2G2|^F3G AB|G6-|G6|
A3^c ed|^c3B AG|A3 e3|e3d ^cB|^c3B AG|A6-|A4A2:|
|:d2d2d2|d4^c2|e3d ^cB|A4A2|d2^c2B2|A3B ^cd|^c6-|c4A2|
d2d2d2|d3e f^f|g3f ed|^c4c2|d2G2AB|^c2d2cB|A6-|A4A2:|
d2e2f2|f4f2|f3A de|f3e/f/ ed|f3e/f/ ed|g3f ed|
e4d2|^c2d2e2|e3a ea|e6-|e4A2|f3e ed|^c3d ef|d6-|d4A2:|
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Recorded by (among others):
Sabbath Hela Veckan, Klez, 1994
Prophone Records AB
S-117 26 Stockholm

Play it in waltz tempo, use only emphasis on 1. and 3. beat in the bar.
have fun

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Not again!

He’s on a roll

So, fiel, is this your transcription, one you’ve made of this listed recording or another, or the unique way your group plays it ~ or, as before, is it someone else’s, something you’ve ‘borrowed’, converting it to ABCs? Either way it would be good to know where the credit lies, and if it is taken from a printed or online source, that too would be a just revelation…

Rock and Roll, Ceolachan

Thank you for your comment, both of you.
I borrowed a book of tunes at our local library long time ago, copied this tune. Distribued it to my loyal companions in music, ordered them to play this tune. When learnt everybody cheered. We play it in this way in our little band, only it was originally written in 3/8, but i changed it to 3/4. You may rechange it. I don’t remember the title of the tunebook, but CREDIT should go to: HARRY KANDEL who made this tune in the beginning of the last century.
I’ve put the music notes? in a programme?: NoteWorthyComposer, then converted it to ABC with another programme?: ABC2NWC.
BTW sheetmusic will soon be on the way to you. As you mentioned: It’s indeed a busy world we live in.
cheers ;-D

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Harry Kandel’s Orchestra, 1918

Harry Kandel’s Orchestra, 1918

How many Irish musicians have recorded it ?

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I don’t know how many Irish musicians have recorded it, as I don’t have any chance to, or opportunity to know ALL recordings made by Irish musicians in this world. Frankly I don’t believe anyone have.
I guess that there are quite a few tunes here which are NOT recorded by Irish musicians.
BTW please define Irish? Musician? Aren’t both a state of mind? Or is it limited to citizenship? Profession?

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Yes! Again!

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and why not again?

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I think because you’re supposed to balance your more exotic contributions with some Irish tunes. There are still lots and lots not already on the database, despite what anyone might tell you. I posted a Scandinavian tune recently, but I don’t think anyone minds because I’ve also posted many, many Irish tunes as my contribution to this database. If you don’t do that, you end up looking like you don’t care about the interests of other people on thesession.org, and all you care about is your own personal interests, and that’s probably what people take exception to. I’m not saying I do. But you did ask, so I’m just telling you that that’s how it might come across. Do you play any Irish tunes? If so, post 5 or so, and *then* post something different.

As for defining Irish tunes: I’m sure Kenny is perfectly able to answer this for himself, but since I’m online I’ll save him the energy. Irish music is the music that gets played in Irish sessions, or at a stretch, the music that gets recorded by musicians who have spent their time playing in Irish sessions (like Smeceno Horo is not an Irish tune, but it was recorded by the influential Irish band Planxty, and so there’d be a demand for a transcription of it). It’s nothing to do with citizenship or profession or anything else. If you don’t understand this, then I’d be inclined to learn about it first by going to a few sessions, and listening to recordings, and *then* posting tunes here, once you have that understanding.

Well said, Dow. This is just irrelevant on this site.

Thank you Dow for your precision and correction. I agree, lets spare Kenny the energy. I’ll post Irish tunes once I find them, and, yes I do play ITM, but not exclusively, and my main insiration for new tunes is from thesession.org

I DO consider it an expression of care for other peobles’ interests on thesession.org that I have posted 21 Irish/Scottish/Cape Breton tunes out of 27 totally so far, but my problem is that I so easyly get inspired and want to propagate the new findings at once.
so, no more “strange” music from me (this year)

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Well said Mark… That is basically what I’ve been saying behind the scenes, that we could at least follow the FAQs guidance for the self-composed when it comes to things outside of the basic purpose, nature and interest of this site, as Jeremy intended and most of us agree. The 5:1 request seems more than reasonable…

Fiel, I don’t believe anyone questions your passion for the music and to share it with others. If something gives you joy it is natural to want to spread it about. The question is whether this is the place to do it when it is outside the remit and basic nature of the content here, as said before, I think, clearly stated in the FAQs of the site.

I have a slew of kaval and other Eastern European music, I love Vlachi, somewhere around here, but I haven’t ever considered transcribing it all here to dump on site, no matter how much pleasure it might give me, and even if there are a few mixed meter items already on site like the Horo Dow mentioned previously… And Klezmer, I love it, and some of our favourite recordings are just that, are as likely to get me in a dance mood as the Irish ~ and even from folks we’ve played music with and danced to ~ but ~ I haven’t thought about adding those things here, well, maybe a 3/4 waltz, the odd piece, but Klezmer is not something that readily comes to mind when I’m on the site here, as much as I may get pleasure and joy from that tradition too. Mostly I fall into the 32 bar dance music category, heavily leaning toward and influenced and fed by Eire, but not denying my history with things Scottish too, if mostly coloured by the Maritime varieties of it ~ etc… 😏

Keep the faith fiel…

There’s an African Baroque tune I’d like to post that was written by a German living in England. I think it had it’s debut in Dublin. It’s called Handel’s Kora. Anybody here play it in their session?


Don’t mistake it for: “Hondels Kara” witch is a turkish/celtic/gaelic/oyrish tune used to celebrate the possible coming of a sudden unintended circumcisium.
THANKS for your comment BTW. It’s always releaving with a comment on it’s right place. 🙂

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releaving! I mean lifting the mood whatever in english

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Saung rather than Kora

I think I have it on good authority that Handel did not play the Kora, it was actually a Saung he liked to strum and pick… 😎

Kondel’s Hara(kiri)?

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