One Bottle More march

Also known as March For One Bottle More.

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Flutist Gary Hastings at the Philadelphia Irish Center

Orange, Green? Does It Make A Musical Difference?


It’s the first in a set of two marches he plays, the second one being “Number Five”… I can’t quite make out what the name was for this one and hopefully someone has better ears than me, or knows a name for this. This is where I first had the pleasure, courtesy of Harry Bradley ~

Discussion: Music/ Identity/ Politics Explained…
# Posted on June 10th 2007 by Harry B

i learned same marches as a set from belfast flute player breandan o’hare. he told me that both marches come from orange tradition, and he also didn’t know names for those marches, but later i found name for second ( number five, from quinn-hastings cd)

Thanks for the input marin, Gary Hastings gives it a name on the YouTube vid, but I can’t quite make it out…

Gain Ainm march

I thought he said “one more bottle” but that’s a jig.
There’s a 2/4 “Leathern Bottle” on JCs tune finder which is vaguely similar …..


? 😏 ~ not so sure ~ Leathern Bottle = water/ale/wine-skin

I’m guessing this is the song, but a lot of marches are classically notated in 2/4. Melodies for the lyrics “Ye Olde Leathern Bottle” seem to be out there in 6/8 & 2/4, but don’t seem close enough to the melody here, but thanks for the help and direction… For comparison, here are those ABCs, converted from 2/4 to 4/4:
Harrison, Rev.Robert / N/Wc | 1820
ABC ~ #339 Leathern Bottle, The, K: D Major

X: 1
T: Leathern Bottle,The. RH.339
M: 2/4
L: 1/8
Q: 400
S: Rev.R.Harrison’s MS,c1815,Cumbria
R: Country Dance
O: England
A: Temple Sowerby, Cumbria
Z: vmp.Simon Wilson..
K: D Major
|: AF |
D2 FA D2 FA | dfed dcBA | dfdf dfed | cABc d2 :|
|: cd |
e2 cA e2 cA | gfed cBAG | FGAB Afed | cABc d2 :|]

The 6/8 melodies are nowhere near either the one I’ve transcribed or the Harrison melody just given…

One Bottle More

He definately calls it “One Bottle More”, which you could argue is a different name from ‘One More Bottle’.

One Bottle More

You’re right, Alarm, He did say “One Bottle More” … memory overload … install more memory…
(Anyhow, the jigs called one Bottle More are nothing like this, as ceolachan says)

One Bottle More info and lyrics

Found this on the Kitchen Music website Don’t know if it’s to the same melody or not.

This tune, “One Bottle More”, has been in print since the 18th century, with a variant called Paddy MacRory. It has been attributed to the blind Irish harper Turlough Carolan (1670-1738), although not with certainty. It is certainly in his style and was known in his district. Carolan’s tune or not, here’s a drinking song to it, taken from the Edinburgh Musical Miscellany, p. 218-219, published in Edinburgh, 1793.
1. Assist me ye lads, who have hearts void of guile, to sing in the praises of old Ireland’s isle.
Where true hospitality opens the door, and friendship detains us for one bottle more.

Chorus: One bottle more, arra, one bottle more,
Then repeat last phrase of verse, e.g., “And friendship detains us for one bottle more.”

2. Old England, your taunts on our country forbear; With our bulls, and our brogues, we are true and sincere,
For if but one bottle remain’d in our store, We have generous hearts to give that bottle more.

3. In Candy’s, in Church-street, I’ll sing of a set Of six Irish blades who together had met;
Four bottles a-piece made us call for our score, And nothing remained but one bottle more.

4. Our bill being paid, we were loath to depart For friendship had grappled each man by the heart; Where
the least touch you know makes an Irishman roar, And the whack from shillella brought six bottles more.

5. Slow Phoebus had shone thro’ our window so bright, Quite happy to view his blest children of light.
So we parted with hearts neither sorry nor sore, Resolving next night to drink twelve bottles more.

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One Bottle More

One assumes something stronger than McEwan’s 80/- is being referred to. Would it have been wine, port, even brandy perhaps?

“One Bottle More”

After several responses that this is the name… Hey Cheshire fur ball, do you have notes for an earlier version? I’d love to see those… I’ll see if I’ve anything surviving here after the great hard disk meltdown… If you do, how about adding the ABCs here?

Love the lyrics ~

“Slow Phoebus had shone thro’ our window so bright”

Yeah, that happens to me a lot… 😉

If you do a search on JCs tunefinder the O’Carolan tune comes up.

“One Bottle More” ~ O’Carolan ~ 😏

Yes, the O’Carolan melody, which I don’t think bears any relationship to this one in time or key signature, do you? I was hoping maybe someone had something closer?

No - there is obviously no resemblance. My comment really relates to Will’s comments re O‘Carolan and the drinking song. I assume the O’Carolan tune on JCs is the one that goes with his lyrics.

Well nCfa, you make a fair assumption, I was just hoping for something related. Ah well, I’ll just keep hoping…

They also have the tune “Number 5”

They even have a link to this site.

“One Bottle More” ~ trying to make sense of Luton & Bedford’s ABCs

Alright, one of the old species of ABCs, but incomplete, here is my attempt to make sense of what they’d botched, but it is pretty close to the transcription given here. Here’s L & B’s made real ~

X: 1134
T: One Bottle More
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
R: barndance
K: e minor
|: GE |
DB D2 DB D2 | DB D2 D4 | ED E2 ED E2 | EDEF G2 G2 |
BA B2 d^c d2 | ed e2 g2 fe | d2 gd BABA | G2 E2 E2 :|
|: GE |
dB d2 dB d2 | dB d2 ef g2 | dB d2 dB d2 | gd B2 A4 |
[1 gf g2 ed e2 | BABA G2 B^c | d2 gd BABA | G2 E2 E2 :|
[2 gfed ^cd =c2 | BABA G2 B^c | d2 gd BABA | G2 E2 E2 ||