One recording of
Maidhc Dainnín Ó Sé’s

Neili’s (polka) is also known as Danu #2, Neilí, Nelly, Nelly’s, O Neilí, O Neilí, Neilí, Ó Neillí, Neillí, O Nelly, O Nelly, Nelly, Oh Nelly, Oh Nelly, Nelly.

Maidhc Dainnín Ó Sé’s (slide) is also known as Danny O’Shea’s, Jazzing With Mag Leary, Paddy Glackin’s, Pete Bradley’s, Templeglantine.

The Road Less Traveled by Danu

  1. Neili’s
  2. Dan Sullivan’s Shamrock Swing Band
  3. Dayne Thomas’s
  4. Jazzing With Mag Leary