Shew Us The Way To Wallington slip jig

Also known as Shew’s The Way To Wallington.

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One setting

X: 1
T: Shew Us The Way To Wallington
R: slip jig
M: 9/8
L: 1/8
K: Gmaj
|:A2 f ede f3|cAf cAA ABc|B2 d fef g3|dBg dBG ABc:|
|:dBd cAc B3|Acf cAA ABc|dBd cAc B2 G|dBg dBG ABc:|

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Shew us the way to Wallington

I will. Its near Morpeth, North of Newcastle.
This fine traditional Northumbrian 9/8 is taken at great speed and usually followed by The Peacock Followed The Hen

Shew Us The Way To Wallington

Both tunes mentioned could be played on the early Northumbrian smallpipe with its range of just one major octave.

Wallington is best known for its stately home Wallington Hall, seat of the Trevelyan family (or some of them). It is several miles to the West of Morpeth, in the same river valley (the Wansbeck).

Thanks for posting this one, Geoff. I’ve always thought it was a bit of a strange tune, but I like it.

Thanks also

And from me too Geoff. I’d welcome an input on chords. I’ve worked out my own but it’s always interesting to get other ideas.

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Shew us the way to Wallington

Great posting.

As Matt Seattle says "Shew us the way toi Wallington and I’ll show you how to rock and roll" . Phenomeneal tune from the distant past of Northumbrian music. At least 18th century and possibly earlier.

Same metre as Peacock followed the hen but I really don;’t think they go together too well, however often they are conflated in sessions. Most session players have quite a limited repertoire of Northumbrian 9/8s

Try them together and see what youy think. for yourself.

Angels of the North


Of course, as is usual with the older tunes, the way they used to be played was as divisions or variations on the given ground. The music is only the start of the playing and changing tunes midway through would lose the point of the playing (like changing theme halfway through a piece of jazz). There are plenty of written-out divisions for this tune from the Northumnbrian Pipers’ Society and the like but one can always invent one’s own.

Angels of the North

Shew’s the way to wallington

It’s on a High Level Ranter’s CD - followed by the "Peacock follows the hen". I’ve added a different spelling of the the name, so this entry is now picking up this recording (and another 2)

Noelb, I’m also not happy with this tune going with "Peacock Follows the Hen" and am looking for likely companions. In August 2004, Dow contributed "Dorrington Lads". It follows on easily enough being in the same key and with the run-up of ABc in the last bar into dGG 1st. bar of ‘A’ music of SUTWTW. I think also that the character of the tunes have something in common with each other. Would welcome your thoughts and any suggestions.

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Dorrington Lads

Ah - which version of Dorrington Lads? The one from Dixon or the one which appears in verious forms everywhere else? They are very different tunes.

For what its worth, I quite like pairing old tunes of different modes. The structure becomes slightly classical. Theme A plus divisions. Second contrasting theme and diviisions. Return to main theme.

its not what the old pipers would have done but it works and sounds a bit less "samey" to modern ears.

The one I’ve indicated here. I haven’t looked at any other versions yet but would like to find some more earlier slip jigs which could be considered to be Northumbrian.
I’m looking at following these two with "The Lairds of Ryton".
All three are written with 1# but they are certainly not straight forward. Would happily consider changing the modes but need to find the tunes. Any help, suggestions gratefully received. Looks like I could do with a grate full of Northumbrian slip-jigs.

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Re: Shew Us The Way To Wallington

"Shew’s The Way" Medley on CD ‘Varry Canny’ by Canny Fettle.
Brilliant… What a voice!!