Mr. Kennedy North reel

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One setting

X: 1
T: Mr. Kennedy North
R: reel
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Dmaj
A2|:d2 fd c2 ec|B2 dB A3 G|FAdA gfed|c2 e2 e2 A2|
d2 fd c2 ec|B2 dB A3 G|FAdg fedc|1 e2 d2 d2 A2:|2 e2 d2 d2 fg||
|:afdA gecA|fdAF DFAd|GBdg fedc|e2 A2 A2 Bc|
dafa fdad|Bgfg BGgB|Adce dAge|1 f2 d2 d2 fg:|2 f2 d2 d2||

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Mr. Kennedy North

A Northumbrian rant tune written by Tom Clough, a famous player of the Northumbrian pipes in the earlier c20 who died in 1964. (He only left recordings of three tunes, made in 1929.) His playing exemplified a rapid staccato style: he certainly wouldn’t have found some of the jumps in part 2 of this tune a problem, though I do!

Looks like it would be better classified as a hornpipe?

A ‘rant’, I would tend to agree, either under ‘hornpipe’ or ‘barndance’, not ‘reel’…

No, I’m not picking on you nicholas, stop biting your nails…

Hey nick, can you ‘rant’? I can, even if my knees complain…

That said, the ‘classic’, "Morpeth Rant", in a couple of versions, is filed under ~ ‘reel’… Go figure? 😏

We need a seperate ‘rant’ category, and another for ‘clog’, and ~ 😛

I don’t know about you, but I definitely ‘swing’ rants… I don’t play them straight / flat… 😏

Mr. Kennedy North

ceol. - I got it undotted from the Northumbrian Pipers’ Second Tune Book. Those books have a lot of dotted hornpipes displayed as such, so when I see an undotted four-four I assume it’s a reel or a rant. If the key phrases end with three crotchets, I take it the thing’s a rant.

There’s a very good fiddle player of tunes like this in Durham - other rant tunes, Shetland tunes that are similar; I’m not sure I’ve heard her play this one, but can imagine her playing it fast with plenty of swing. But as for rants and dancing - I know about as much about dancing as about extreme sports generally, which is nil. A dance floor to me is the tricky space between the bar and the bog, that’s about all!

Rants…I can’t see The Morpeth Rant being filed under Hornpipe or Barndance somehow, so why should others be? But really, rants (at any rate, 4/4 ones) seem to be remarkably few. Dow’s list of them is short and some are recent compositions.

A tunebook? I thought you’d transcribed it from his playing… They are also danced in Cymru / Wales, by some anyway. I can’t remember the difference, but at one point I knew at least two different ways to rant. The Welsh way didn’t have anything I can recall that really distinguised it any from the Northumbrian way I’d learned to dance it… When I dance it I definitely hear it with swing. There are a number of recordings of rants out there, including MP3s online…

Far from ‘reel’ and a hell of a lot closer to ‘hornpipe’ and ‘barndance’…don’t you think? 😏


Not 100% sure about this, but I don’t think you can really say that there’s a genre of tune called "rant". I’ve known people to dance rants to what are basically 2/4 marches before, and others who’ve danced it to tunes of more of a barndance/hornpipe structure at a pace something between a reel and hornpipe. I don’t think it really matters how you class tunes like the Morpeth Rant and Cheviot Rant. They’re certainly more of the barndance/hornpipe family, having those N2N2 N2 patterns and the emphasis on the 1st beat of the bar ("da-dum dum dum"), but you’d play them closer to reel speed. At a hornpipe pace they sound wrong.

Put it this way, if you play these tunes as swung reels, the emphasis on the notes will be wrong, but it’ll still sound better than if you play it like a hornpipe.