Waltz For Pelle waltz

Also known as Wals Voor Polle, Waltz For Polle.

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One setting

X: 1
T: Waltz For Pelle
R: waltz
M: 3/4
L: 1/8
K: Gmaj
D2|:B4 B2|A3 B d2|D6|D2 E2 F2|G3 F G2|E3 F G2|B4 c2|A4 dc|
B4 B2|A3 B d2|D6|D2 E2 F2|G2 D2 B2|B3 A FA|1 G6-|G4 D2:|2 G6|G2 A2 B2||
c4 B2|A3 B G2|F6|F2 G2 A2|d4 c2|B4 A2|G4 F2|E2 A2 B2|
c4 B2|A3 B G2|F6|F2 E2 F2|G2 D2 B2|B3 A FA|1 G6|G2 A2 B2:|2 G6-|G4||
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I found this tune on the CD "Homecoming" by the german band Steampacket.

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voodoo, that’s more a listening tune than a waltz, isnt’ it? Who is the composer?

I once knew, but I forgot it, sorry. I only remember that it was composed by or for a belgian. I’ll ask my flute teacher who plays with Steampacket and report back here later.

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…but what is a "listening tune"?

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a "listening tune" is a tune to listen to and not to dance to, something like a slow air, but not in the tradition of sean-nos

Ease up swiss, this is decent cheese for a waltz, just add a bit of good ol’ boom-chuck-chuck under that. Get your dance shoes on already, I’ll even let you lead… 😉

Just give me a minute to get my steel toed boots on…

Not german at all

this tune is in fact waltz for Polle. It’s written by Wim Poesen ( a Belgian/ Flemish musician and composer for his friend Pol
Orginally it’s in tune of C major.
You can find the notes on the
" Boombal" site under TLS ( Tuning learning Sessions)
There are a lot of versions recorded and this is one of "the" tunes that is played on the new style folk balls in Belgium.
And it isssss a waltz in it’s orginal form


Not a german tune, but hugely popular over there

Yes, this is a belgian tune (yet I was never quite sure who wrote it, so thanks for the info), and it gets played a lot at sessions here in Germany.

And yes, it definitely IS a waltz…I have seen lots of people (experienced dancers, mind you!) dance to it, and they never once complained about the tune.

Anyway, it’s got (to me) an incredibly beatiful melody. I remember hearing it for the first time (years ago at a Session in Hamm)…it sent a shiver up and down my spine…

I just love it!

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OT: To Voodoo

Er…Voodoo…your flute teacher…that would be Klaus Steinort, eh? If you seh him the the next time, give him a hug (or just say hello…) from Mario from Berlin!

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Whoa! Just a couple of days ago at a local Bal Folk, I had the chance to dance to this waltz again, and once more I felt almost moved to tears. It’s great to play or even just listen to it, but when you start dancing to it - well…simply beautiful!

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Can anyone help me to contact Wim Poesen, the composer? I want to use the tune in a mag article.

It’s a very nice tune.

Polle Wals

The original key for this tune was D as played by Vim on his G/C pipes. I met Wim in 1992 at a workshop, bought his CD off him, then we drove to St Chartier- by the time we’d got there- we’d learnt the tune and began playing it in sessions. We transposed it to C because it is easier to play on G/C french instruments.
I know at least one pipe band here in Brisbane took it up in the early 90’s too. Was glad to meet Wim again and thank him for it. The next year 1993 at St Chartier it was being played everywhere (and in every key)
The original album is Vingerspel en Voetenwerk, by Het Limburgs Dansorkest, I am sure it is long out of production.

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Also Pollee

The House Band recorded this in C on their Stowntown album too. Don’t know from whom they learned it, but it has been a favorite of mine for a few years.