Rory Macnab reel

Also known as The Game Of Love, Paddy The Piper, Peggy’s On A Burn, Peggy’s On The Burn, Piper’s Son, Pride Of Rathmore, Roary MacNab, Rory McNabb’s.

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One setting

X: 1
T: Rory Macnab
R: reel
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Emin
|:e|B2 EG/A/ BGEG|AFDF dFDF|BGEG efba|gef^d e/e/e e:|
B|egfe B/B/B eB|defe d/d/d fd|egfe dBAF|GBAF E/E/E EB|
egfe B/B/B eB|defe d/d/d fd|egfg efde|BdAF E/E/E ~E||

Two comments

Rory Macnab

Nice Em reel - goes well with Calliope House. I found it on Ibiblio, where the following info is given.

RORY MACNAB. Scottish, Reel. E Minor. Standard. AB (Surenne): AAB (Gow, Kerr, Stewart-Robertson). See also Irish variants “The Game of Love,” “Humors of Ballinacarrig,” “Humors of Rockstown,” “Paddy the Piper [1],” “Piper’s Son,” “Pride of Rathmore.” Gow (Complete Repository), Part 1, 1799; pg. 18 (appears as “Roary Macnab”). Kerr (Merry Melodies), vol. 1; Set 19, No. 4, pg. 12. Stewart-Robertson (The Athole Collection), 1884; pg. 257. Surenne (Dance Music of Scotland), 1852; pg. 143. IONA 047, Barra MacNeils – “Traditional Album” (1994. Appears as 2nd tune of “Clumsy Lover” set).

Rory MacNab / Game of Love ?

This seems to be known more widely as The Game of Love, so maybe I should change its main title. (But is there another tune also called Game of Love?)