Five recordings of Rory Macnab

Also known as The Game Of Love, Paddy The Piper, Peggy’s On A Burn, Peggy’s On The Burn, Piper’s Son, Pride Of Rathmore, Roary MacNab, Rory McNabb’s.

This tune has been recorded together with Calliope House (a few times), The Shetland Fiddler (a few times), The Blacksmith, The Burnt Leg, The Clumsy Lover, Crossing To Ireland, The Gravel Walks, The Kid On The Mountain, The Pigeon On The Gate, The Spicy, The Star Of Munster, The Tarbolton.

  1. Cornerstone by Celtic Spring
  2. Good Boy M.A. by Michael Anthony MacLean
  3. The Traditional Album by The Barra MacNeils
  4. Touchwood by Iain Fraser
  5. Until Now by The Barra MacNeils