One recording of
Rory Macnab
Crossing To Ireland

Rory Macnab (reel) is also known as The Game Of Love, Paddy The Piper, Peggy’s On A Burn, Peggy’s On The Burn, Piper’s Son, Pride Of Rathmore, Roary MacNab, Rory McNabb’s.

Crossing To Ireland (waltz) is also known as An T-aiseadh Do Dh’ Eireann, An T-aiseag Do Dh’Eireann, The Crossing To Ireland.

Cornerstone by Celtic Spring

  1. Crossing To Ireland
  2. The Kid On The Mountain
  3. Pride Of Rathmore
  4. Wanna Be’s
  5. The Blacksmith
  6. The Star Of Munster
  7. Gravelwalk