Dusty Miller three-two

Also known as Binny’s Jig, Dusty Millar, The Dusty Millar, The Dusty Miller.

There are 10 recordings of this tune.

Dusty Miller has been added to 3 tune sets.

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Eighteen comments

Nice clean transcription!

Ah, you must be a good person - I see you play EC 🙂

Good News

John of the Greeny Cheshire Way will soon be back in print after years of unavailability

Two Chrises, a 3/2, a Dowist monk & good news, so no worry about vampires or demons here… 😎

Dusty Miller

Thanks for the nice words, Dow - I can’t take all the credit for the transcription though - I just tweaked the nearest version found online to fit what I’d learned (they were all close).
Still, us EC players are all nice people, aren’t we 🙂

Let me know when you think the board can take any more 3/2s!


Dust to dust…

this was often played at the english session in greenwich and i’ve always liked it.

if my memory is right we also used to play it as a set with the other tunes mentioned above in Chris’ first comment.

mind you,that’s no surprise as John Offord was and remains a regular at that session.

Surely the tune is the ‘slip jig’ 9/8 sig: The Dusty Miller‘ from O’Neills 1001 Gems Dance Music of Ireland. just played with a different time sig?

The 3/2, in general, predates the 9/8… This tune, and in its 3/2 form, predates O’Neill by a couple of centuries…

1700s anyway…dance & tune…

The 9/8 works better

Whether John of the Green way knew this before O’Neill I don’t know, but This transcription doesn’t convey the bounce and joy of the tune as i know it.

Dusty Miller & 3/2 HPs

3/2 Hornpipes really bounce along, but the dots probably don’t convey too well where the emphasis goes (and it can shift around!). It’s probably something you need to hear. (Its probably easier to find a good mp3 of Rusty Gulley to get an idea of how to swing these)

Anyway - each version has it’s own merits.

The joy of bounce…

well i’m not sure any transcription can ever ‘convey the bounce and joy of the tune’ no matter how it’s written down.

you might as well berate a screenplay for not being the film,imo.

fwiw i think Chris’ transcription is pretty close to what i remember playing.

it’s up to us to put the joyous bounce into it.

still,if you know how to translate bouncy joy into abc i for one would n’t mind a butcher’s!

X: 2 / T: Dusty Miller/ S: This version from John Hazlehurst

The second transcription given here is from a limited printing of a local collection, “Furness Tradition Tunebook”, compiled and edited by Mike Kermode, January 2001…

This is a little closer to how I’ve been given this and played it. I’ll add another take on it later. For now, this is another one offered up in answer to an interest in local tunes from local collections here in the Northwest… 😀

X: 3 & X: 4 in F from the Stanford-Petrie collection, 1905 ~ page 87: #343 & #344

The Complete Collection of Irish Music
As noted by George Petrie (1789-1866)
Edited from the original manuscripts by Charles Villiers Stanford
Boosey & Co., 1902



There is also a Dover reprint of this…