Two recordings of
Dusty Miller

Dusty Miller (three-two) is also known as Binny’s Jig, Dusty Millar, The Dusty Millar, The Dusty Miller.

Cucanandy (slip jig) is also known as As Pat Came Over The Hill, Cacanandy, The Cucanandy, Cucanandy-O, Cuckanandy, Dance To Your Daddy, My Mind Will Ne’er Be Easy, My Mind Will Never Be Easy, Pat Came Over The Hill Barefoot, Time Of Day, The Time Of Day, The Whistling Thief.

Irish Jigs And Reels by Various Artists

  1. Dusty Miller
  2. Cucanandy

The Hare Said A Prayer To The Rainbow And Followed The Fox Down The Hole by Dana Lyn And Kyle Sanna

  1. Cucanandy
  2. The Dusty Millar
  3. The Boys Of Ballisodare