March From Delsbo polka

Also known as Brudmarsch Från Delsbo, Wedding March From Delsbo.

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One setting

X: 1
T: March From Delsbo
R: polka
M: 2/4
L: 1/8
K: Dmaj
A |: d2 d/e/d/c/ | defd | B2G>G | G2zA/G/ |
FAdf | ab/a/ge | d2c/B/c/e/ |[1 d2zA :|[2 d2za ||
|: b/a/^g/a/ b/a/^g/a/ | d'afd | c2A>A | A2za |
g e/g/fd | ge/g/fd | a2 a/^g/a/b/ | a=gfe |
d2 d/e/d/c/ | defd | B2G>G | G2zA/G/ |
FAdf | ab/a/ge | d2c/B/c/e/ |[1 d2 za:|[2 d2z ||

Three comments

March from Delsbo

This is a traditional swedish wedding march. The original title is "Brudmarsch från Delsbo". Delsbo is small town in Dalarna. I´ve heard this tune mostly played on the fiddle but I think it works fine on the tin whistle too!

Conjures up the happy couple coming slowly down the aisle, which I suppose it was made to do. A fine tune, will have to learn it.

Re: March From Delsbo

I have just arranged Bytt-Lasses Brudmarsch, a Finnish bridal march. You can hear it here:

The score has been added to the next release of Weaver MacFarlane’s Choon Book, a set of fiddle ensemble arrangements (2 fiddle lines, cello, chords) which is a free download from

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