Two recordings of
Iggy And Squiggy
The Harsh February

Iggy And Squiggy (reel) is also known as Iggie And Squiggie, Iggy & Squiggy, Iggy And Squiggie, Iggy Squiggie.

The Harsh February (reel) is also known as The Cold Harsh February, Dave White’s.

Racket In The Rectory by Liz Doherty And Fiddlesticks

  1. John Pellerine’s
  2. David White’s
  3. CBC’s Glen & Carl
  4. Just Cruising
  5. Iggy & Squiggy

Traditional Music From Cape Breton by Various Artists

  1. Miss Crawford
  2. John Pellerine’s
  3. David White’s
  4. CBC’s Glen And Carl
  5. Just Cruising
  6. Iggie And Squiggie