Four recordings of a tune named
The Lollipop Man

Also known as Ain Kind Dearie, Ain Kind Deary O, An Oidhche A Bha Bhainis Ann, The Caledonian Laddy, My Ain Kind Dearie, My Ain Kind Dearie March, My Ain Kind Dearie O, My Own Kind Dearie, The Night The Wedding Was, Oh! Lassie, Art Thou Sleeping Yet?, The Wedding Night.

A tune by this name has been recorded together with Cape Breton Dream, I’ll Get Wedded In My Auld Claes, Portree Bay.

  1. Live At The Music Room by Troy MacGillivray
  2. One At A Time by John Skelton
  3. Sing and Play the Music of the Adderbury Tradition by Adderbury Morris Men
  4. The Mother of All Morris by Various Artists