Biddy The Darling slide

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One setting

X: 1
T: Biddy The Darling
R: slide
M: 12/8
L: 1/8
K: Dmaj
|:A|D2F A2d f2d A2F|G2B e2d cBA GFE|
D2F A2d f2d A2F|Ged cBc d3 d2:|
|:c/B/|A2c e2c A2d f2d|A2f g2e fed cBA|
d2A e2A f2A g2A|fed cBc d3 d2:|

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Biddy The Darling

This is the second slide in the set from Tom Barrett’s CD Lios A’Cheoil:
Bedford Cross
Biddy the Darling
Gale Bridge

I imagine I recognise “Biddy” - I wouldn’t be surprised if it weren’t here already, maybe even as a hornpipe, although I did search for it.

Second to last measure of the B part…

sounds nice to me this way: d2A e2A f2A g3
perhaps even stretching that g out a bit longer. This would probably be best that last time through.

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Biddy The Darling

I like it, muspc. Good one.

“Rosie Finn’s Favourite Slide” duplication, of sorts

Key signature: G Major
Submitted on April 29th 2002 by Jeremy.

The B-part more typically found with this A-part is given in one form in Rosie. The same could be said for the B-part, which is usually found with a different A-part, but that’s another tale… I have a lasting interest in evolution, mutation and hybridization where it applies to music, including those little geographic and personal nuances and results from the failure of memory, or just downright confusion… 😏

Help?! ~ B-part ~ seeking another relationship / source ~ 😏

Alright, why should I struggle with this alone, here is the B-part as I know it, and the A-part hasn’t followed yet, except it isn’t the one here. Maybe someone else can help me crack my disagreeable memory ~ it has its own agenda ~ frustrating me ~

K: D Major
|: cB |
A2 c e2 c A2 d f2 d | gfe fed ecA ABc |
dAA eAA fAA gAA | f>ed Adc d3- d :|

K: G Major
|: FE |
D2 F A2 F D2 G B2 G | cBA BAG A2 F DEF |