The Silver Birch reel

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One setting

X: 1
T: The Silver Birch
R: reel
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Gmaj
|:D|G2 BA GABc|d2 de dB B/B/B|e2 ed efge|dB B/B/B dBAB|
G2 BA GABc|d2 de dB B/B/B|e2 ed efge|1 dBAB G3:|2 dBAB G2||
|:ga|b3 c' bagb|abag agef|g3 f gfed|e/f/g fd edBd|
b3 c' bagb|abag agef|g2 fd e/f/g fe|1 dBAB G2:|2 dBAB G3||

Three comments

The Silver Birch

The Silver Birch

Leslie Craig Co Antrim wrote this reel, he
told me he wrote the tune but had no name
for it. Then once he had to put a litte silver
birch tree in an neighbours back garden, when
he came back next day,he saw a Donkey eating
the last bit of it.On the way home he could
only laugh, and give his tune this name,,
I would also like to thank ceolachan for doing the
right transcription of this tune..
If you want to here the composer playing this tune go to our bands web site
and you can purchase or latest C.D.
For As Many AS Will

The silver birch is a dainty tree, it’s hanging leaves awsomely designed to harvest the slanting sunlight of northern climes
so they say
the donkey is an opportunistic desert animal
bringing it up into Ireland was a strange twist of design!
perhaps not melodious enough a beast to lend its name to the tune too!

Silver donkey,,

Very good birlibirdie but there already is a
Donkey Reel , Thank-you..