One recording of
The Banks Of The Illen
Richard Brennan’s

The Banks Of The Illen (reel) is also known as Banks Of The Ilen, The Banks Of The Ilen, Seanbhean Na GCarta, Seanbhean Na GCártaí, Sixmilebridge.

Richard Brennan’s (jig) is also known as Bad Luck To This Marching, Brennan’s, Brennan’s Favourite, Coleman’s Two Halves, The Exile’s Lament, Morrison’s #2, Paddy O’Carroll’s, Richard Brennan’s Favourite, Shaun Maguires, Tierney’s Fancy.

Lios A 'Cheoil by Tom And Kerry Barrett

  1. Richard Brennan’s
  2. O’Rourke’s
  3. Banks Of The Ilen