Six recordings of
The Flax In Bloom
The Dairy Maid

The Flax In Bloom (reel) is also known as An Líon Faoi Bhláth, Flaxen Bloom, The Flaxen Bloom, The Flaxen Broom, The Lily White, Líon Faoi Bhláth, Na Ḃláṫanna Líonta.

The Dairy Maid (reel) is also known as Bean An Bhainne, Cawley’s, The Dairy Maid’s, The Dairymaid, Kiss The Bride In Bed, Kiss The Maid In Bed, Shuffle The Cards, Tabhair Póg Don Bhrídeoig Sa Leaba.

Irish Session Tunes: The Blue Book CD by Sheila Garry & Brid Cranitch

  1. The Flax In Bloom
  2. The Dairy Maid

Sunday After Mass by Denis O Connor And Con Moynihan

  1. The Flax In Bloom
  2. Dairymaid
  3. Martin Wynne’s

The Flax In Bloom: Traditional songs, airs & dance music in Ulster ~ CD: 2 of 3 by Various Artists

  1. The Galway Rambler
  2. The Dairymaid
  3. The Flax In Bloom

The Master Pipers - Volume 3 by Leo Rowsome

  1. The Dairy Maid
  2. The Milestone
  3. The Flax In Bloom

The Professor by James Morrison

  1. The Dairymaid
  2. The Millstone
  3. The Flax In Bloom

Touch Me If You Dare by Ronan Browne And Peter O'Loughlin

  1. The Dairy Maid
  2. The Flax In Bloom