Faroe Rum reel

Also known as Faeroe Rum.

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Four comments

Faroe Rum

A great Shetland reel I first heard on Aly Bain / Tom Anderson’s ‘Silver Bow’ CD.

The abc came from JC tunefinder and the following notes from Ibiblio Fiddler’s Companion:

FAROE RUM. Shetlands, Shetland Reel. The tune was in the repertory of the locally infulential Shetland Fiddle Band, and therefore has a wide currancy in those Islands. Tom Anderson (1978) identifies it as a reel from the time when a thriving Cod fishing industry was extent on Faroe Island, and tobacco and rum were smuggled to the Island for “home consumption.” Topic 12TS379, Aly Bain & Tom Anderson ‑ “Shetland Folk Fiddling, Vol. 2” (1978).

with some chords (also from JC):

|: “D”A(A2F) ABd(B | “D”AF)FD “A7”E2(FG) | “D”A(A2F) ABde | “A7”fafe “D”d2[f2d2] :|
|: “A7”e(AcA) e(AcA) | “D”ABde f2af | “A7”e(AcA) e(AcA) | “A7”e(gfe) “D”d2d2 :|

……..and with triplets (again from JC)

dB |(3AAA AF ABdB | ABAF E2EF |(3AAA AF ABde | fafe d2 :|
|: cd |eA (3AAA eA (3AAA | ABde f2af |eA (3AAA eA (3AAA | fafe d2 :|

Willie Hunter recorded a great version of the Faroe Rum/Aandowin at da Bow/Forfit o’ da Ship set too.