Sixty-six recordings of a tune named
A Fig For A Kiss

Also known as Fig For A Kiss, Figs For A Kiss, Gáire Na MBán, Glugar An Mheadair, Ní Maith Liom Pog, The Old Dutch Churn, Rinnce Is Ceól, The Splashing Of The Churn, Two In A Gig.

A tune by this name has been recorded together with Give Us A Drink Of Water (a few times), Hardiman The Fiddler (a few times), An Phis Fhliuch (a few times), The Butterfly (a few times), Dever The Dancer (a few times), The Drops Of Brandy (a few times), The Dusty Miller (a few times), The Humours Of Westmeath (a few times), The Kid On The Mountain (a few times), Redican’s Mother (a few times), The Slopes Of Slieve Gullion (a few times), The Tenpenny Piece (a few times), Ambrose Moloney’s, Another Jig Will Do, Apples In Winter, The Booley House, Brendan Tonra’s, The Brown-Sailed Boat, Calliope House, Carolan’s Welcome, Comb Your Hair And Curl It, Come Upstairs With Me, The Exile’s Jig, The Floating Crowbar, The Foxhunter’s, The Golden Stud, Highway To Kilkenny, The Humours Of Bandon, I Ha’e A Wife O’ Ma Ain, Ievan’s Polkka, Jig Jazz, John Naughton’s, Langstrom’s Pony, Man Of Aran, The Maple Leaf, Maureen’s Fancy, Merrily Kissed The Quaker, The Merry Sisters, The Milliner’s Daughter, My Mind Will Never Be Easy, The New York, The Night Before Larry Was Stretched, The Orphan, Paddy O’Snap’s, Pasucais D’Uvieu, Peacock Follow The Hen, Poll Ha’Penny, The Priest, Ride A Mile, The Rocky Road To Dublin, Scully Casey’s, Seanamhac Tube Station, Sir Phillip McHugh, Smash The Windows, The Swallowtail, Tom’s, The Tongs By The Fire, The Trip To Durrow, The Turf Cutter, The Whinney Hills Of Leitrim, The White Mountain, Will You Come Down To Limerick.

  1. A Fig For A Kiss by Providence
  2. A Year In Ireland by New Time Ensemble
  3. ALive by Kúla
  4. An Tower by Tommy Mellett and Neansaí Ní Choisdealbha
  5. An Triréad / the Trio by Legacy
  6. As Long As You’re Enjoying Yourself by John Brennan And John McGillian
  7. Barefoot On The Altar by Chulrua
  8. Bogha by Bogha
  9. Boxed by Anders Trabjerg
  10. Celtic Contraband by Michel Bonamy
  11. Celtic Passion by John Williams, Dean Magraw
  12. Celtic Sessions by William Coulter
  13. Crossing The Bridge by Eileen Ivers
  14. Cuisle by Angela Deane
  15. Cuisle Cheol na bPíob by Kevin Rowsome
  16. Don’t Touch The Elk by Niall Keegan
  17. Flower Of The Red Mill by Sarah Blair
  18. Happy To Meet, Sorry To Part by Peter McAlinden
  19. Harpes D’Irlande by Katrien Delavier
  20. Hill 16 by Hill 16
  21. Irish Dance by Craig Duncan
  22. Irish Fiddle Solos by Pete Cooper
  23. Irish Music from Cleveland by Tom Byrne and Tom McCaffrey
  24. Kids In A Candy Store by Rick May And Gil Yslas
  25. Kilkenny Road by Kilkenny Road
  26. Kuin Unta Ja Varjoa by Markus Asunta
  27. Little Falls by Lilt
  28. Live at Malachy’s by Díseád
  29. Live At Trinity Hall by Trinity Hall Session Players
  30. Live in Concert by Mithril
  31. No Trouble At All by Noel Lenaghan
  32. One Out Of The Fort by Johnny Henry
  33. Out Of Ireland by Mick Moloney
  34. Sean Potts by Sean Og Potts & Gavin Ralston
  35. Second Season by Smitty’s Kitchen
  36. Selkie by Mick Conneely
  37. Shadows On Stone by Matt Molloy
  38. Slow And Easy by John Weed And Stuart Mason
  39. Some Foriegn Land by Colcannon
  40. Step Into The Beat: Modern Irish Dance Music by Ellery Klein And Ryan Lacey
  41. Step This Way by David Lindquist
  42. Step with Annette ~ Music for Old Style Step Dancing ~ Volume 1 by Mark Prescott
  43. Sweet Nyaa by Moving Cloud
  44. The Fort Of Kincora by Martin Connolly
  45. The Green House by Grey Larsen And Paddy League
  46. The Irish Folk Festival ‘01 by Flook, Dezi Donnelly, Eamon Mc Elholm, Na Dórsa, Lorraine Hickey, Kevin Rowsome
  47. The Jig’s Up by Anne-Marie O’Farrell
  48. The Mad Skeleton by Fianna
  49. The Morning Star by Marla Fibish and Jimmy Crowley
  50. The Poison Glen (Gleann Nimhe) by Altan
  51. The Pretty Blue Seagull by Frank Claudy, Paul De Grae, Patrick O’Dea, Anne And Joe Skelton
  52. The Return From Fingal by Seamus Ennis
  53. The Sligo Maid by Carmel Gunning
  54. The World Turned Upside Down by Patti O’Doors
  55. Time Out Of Mind by Chris Ormston
  56. Track Across The Deep by London Lasses And Pete Quinn
  57. Unfurled by Kitchen Jam Band
  58. Until The Cows Come Home by 2duos
  59. Up And Away by Paul Smyth
  60. Up At The Crack Of Noon by Ciúnas
  61. Virginia by Birkin Tree
  62. West of Ireland by Nine-8ths Irish
  63. Where Else Would You Be by The Pub Scouts
  64. Wild Horses by Celtic Sands
  65. Wooden Flute Obsession: Volume 2, Disc 2 by Various Artists
  66. Yield Up The Night Time by Mike Butler, Aidan McMahon & Michael Landers