Highland Cathedral strathspey

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Sixteen comments

Highland Cathredral

Another way of phrasing the tune.

X: 1
T: Highland Cathedral
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
R: strathspey
K: Gmaj
|:G2 GA/B/ AG DG | A2 AB B2 B2 | B2 Bc/d/ cB AG | A2 AB D4 |
E2 EF/G/ GD FG | d2 dc B4 | A2 AB/c/ BG DG | A2 AG G4 ||
|:F2 FD A2 AF/A/ | B2 BF F2 FE | D2 D/E/F E4| F2 FG/A/ E4 |
F2 FD A2 AF/A/ | B2 BF F2 FE | D2 D/E/F E2>D2| D8 |]

Great pipe tune well done . mfcelle

What/Where is it?

I have had many an argument/explaination of the origin of the tune name. Is it a glen with steep sides or is it named after an actual building?
We play it as a slow march.

Tourist Dross!

The new Amazing Grace!

I loath this tune. And the words set to it make me want to vomit:

Rise Caledonia, let your voices ring
In this Highland Cathedral of our God and King
Whom joy and liberty, to all, will bring
Come, let your heart, with love and courage sing

Aye, there’s nithin like the guid Scots tongue!

One of most pipers’ hated tunes!
shame its so damn good!

Re: Highland Cathedral

Played it many times in diff churches. It always knocks them out.
Roever and Korb, German tourists to Scotland, were inspired by the pipes. This anthem is the result.

Re: Highland Cathedral

Love the tune. Hate the jingoistic words.

Re: Highland Cathedral

Definitely a “Marmite” tune (or if you’re Australian, Vegemite). AKA “love it or loathe it”.
My parents both loved it: played at both of their funerals, so I can’t really be in the“loathe it” camp. There are some truly awful versions out there - electronic keyboards and worse: trawled through 100 or so on iTunes before I found the one I really liked: Grampian Police Pipe band.
More than one set of words, by the way.
Best experience ever was hearing it played at Murrayfield Stadium before one of the Six Nations rugby matches: looking out from the West stand with the whole Edinburgh skyline visible through the gap between stand and roof of the East stand.

Highland Cathedral, X:3

In D Major, the key used on the Highland pipes.

The bottom two lines are the bridge that was played at the Edinburgh Tattoo, in G Major.

Re: Highland Cathedral

Here’s the video I got the bridge from, it’s at 2:14


About the tune itself, it’s become nearly as popular as Amazing Grace.

I’ve performed it many times on the Highland pipes playing along with pipe organs, with brass ensembles, with orchestras. I’ve played it for Scotland, when they take the pitch. Everybody loves it, and it creates gigs for pipers, nothing wrong with that!

Highland Cathedral, X:4

I wrote it out with all the note values twice as long because otherwise when you click “PLAY AUDIO” it’s going twice as fast as it should be. The last four lines are the “bridge” linked to above (which may be a separate tune, or merely part of the arrangement).

I’m not sure where a pop tune by a couple Germans fits in to the various traditional Highland pipe genres, I suppose it could be considered a 4/4 March, or a Slow March.

Re: Highland Cathedral

In my (non-pipe) group, we play the first part in G and the second part in D. Adds a little tension.
AND, on being “German” -- so are the Windsors. Anyway, good music is good music. Too bad those lyrics got hung on.