Nancy Fat jig

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One setting

X: 1
T: Nancy Fat
R: jig
M: 6/8
L: 1/8
K: Gmaj
|: B2A G2g | efg d2c | BdB BAG | A3 A2z |
BdB G2g | efg d2c | BdB AGF | G3 G3 :|
|: b2a g2f | efg dcB | b2a g2f | a3 a2z |
b2a g2f | efg dcB | BdB AGF | G3 G3 :|

Four comments

Nancy Fat

A while back I ran across this tune
"Because He Was Bonny Lad" submitted by snowyowl

And noticed the similarities to "Nancy." Nancy was collected in SW Pennsylvania and Northern WV and probably isnt played by anyone there these days.

While exploring the origins of Nancy, I found some sheet music and midi from a song from the Civil War era called "Nancy Fat." It is NOT the same melody, not even close. In fact it was a worthless melody in my opinion.

Nancy Fat/Nancy

Is your Nancy (from SW Penn etc) the same as this Nancy
a NE (English) tune played at great speed - often too fast for me - at a couple of the mixed sessions that I go to.


Id say its a different tune altogether with some rhythmic similarities here and there.

I forgot…

I wanted to also post this little bit of info: from ceolas fiddlers comp. and the collector Bayard as well.

"A very similar tune, part of "The Lancers," was recorded by Bayard (1981, Appendix No. 41, pg. 590) from a fiddler from Prince Edward Island, Canada."

I have that transcription and its the same tune with a few differences. Anyone into the PEI tunes that could comment on whether this tune is still in the tradition there or has it vanished and thanks to Bayard we have something salvaged here?