Miss Ada Crawford strathspey

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Two settings

X: 1
T: Miss Ada Crawford
R: strathspey
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Gmaj
d|:B>GA>G E<GD>G|E<GD>G A2 A>d|B>GA>G E<GD>d|B<dD>E G2 G>d|
B>GA>G E<GD>G|E<GD>G A2 A>d|B>GA>G E<GD>d|B<dD>E G2 G>d:|
|:(3BAG d>G B>Gd>G|(3BAG d>G A2 A>d|(3BAG d>G B>Gd>c|B<dA>B G2 G>d|
(3BAG d>G B>Gd>G|(3BAG d>G A2 A>d|B<dA>B G>ED>d|B<dD>E G2 G>d:|
X: 2
T: Miss Ada Crawford
R: strathspey
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Dmaj
a|:f>de>d B<dA>d|B<dA>d e2 e>a|f>de>d B<dA>a|f<aA>B d2 d>a|
f>de>d B<dA>d|B<dA>d e2 e>a|f>de>d B<dA>a|f<aA>B d2 d>a:|
|:(3fed a>d f>da>d|(3fed a>d e2 e>a|(3fed a>d f>da>g|f<ae>f d2 d>a|
(3fed a>d f>da>d|(3fed a>d e2 e>a|f<ae>f d>BA>a|f<aA>B d2 d>a:|

Thirteen comments

Lady Madelina Sinclair

Another tune I remember from my pipe band days, I always liked this strathspey, it flows very nicely.

Key ?

You certainly didn’t play it in that key on the pipes.

Heh, way to be a stickler Kenny. Pipes are tuned in D? There’s one c-natural in the whole tune, and it’s a short enough you wouldn’t notice.

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I don’t have an instrument at hand, but looking at this, it doesn’t look like “Lady Madelina Sinclair” to me, even allowing for the key change and the claim that it’s a bagpipe version. You sure you’ve got the right tune here ?
“silverbow” - pipes aren’t in D, normally.

JACKB plays uilleann pipes mostly nowadays…

But ~ however talented he may be on the pipes, there have been running problems with his ABC transcribing and transcriptions and other confusions, like the idea that all things 3/4, including airs and waltzes, are mazurkas…

Hopefully things are improving? ~ but checking this site beforehand, to see if the tune is already here, or doing any follow up in the way of basic research, and contributions in the ‘Comments’, such as context and crediting sources more clearly, remain light to non-existant… But hey, it is the melodies I’m most concerned about, the music ~ but also its context… For me anyway, the music does not exist in a vacuum.

Keep up the good work JackB, but please, make a little more effort to get it right and to give it some context… For example, with this one, you say you remember this from your “pipe band days”? ~ Tell us more? Where? What pipes were you playing at the time, and where did you get this particular tune? ~ in what key? That context can be your association and history with this melody, which I value greatly, or even just a nod to some source, as you’ve given a hint to above, if leaving me wanting to know more… 😏

Wrong title

I’ve just listened to the midi - this is not the strathspey commonly known as “Lady Madelina Sinclair”.

“Lady Madelina Sinclair” ~ as attributed to Neil Gow ~ this ain’t it!!!

All right, except Jack ~ at least as this title is used in earlier collections, such as the Skye and the Athole, this melody as Jack has it is not the strathspey “Lady Madelina Sinclair”… I also have Gow’s collections but not on hand, unfortunately, but maybe Nigle or Kenny has them in order to possibly find an earlier date for the title…

It may bear some similarity with “Lady Madelina Sinclair’s Brithday”, another strathspey? But there are likely, as hinted previously, other problems with the transcription, such as length / repetition? 😏

Re: Lady Madelina Sinclair

The tune above is actually “Miss Ada Crawford” (Scots Guards Book 1) not attributed to any composer.