The Silver Spur jig

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One setting

X: 1
T: The Silver Spur
R: jig
M: 6/8
L: 1/8
K: Dmaj
A|"D"d2 d dcB|"Bm"ABA FED|"Em"EFG "F#m"FGA|"G"GAB "A"ABc|!
"Bm"dBc def|"G"gfe dcB|"D"AGF "G"EFG|1 "A7"A,B,C "D"D2:|2 "A7"A,B,C "D"D2 D||!
|:"D"[F2A2] [FA] FED|"Em"EFG "A7"ABA|"D"[F2A2] [FA] FED|"C"~E3 "G"DB,A,|!
"D"[F2A2] [FA] FED|"Em"EFG "A7"ABA|"G"EFG "D"AFG|1 "A7"ABc "D"d2 D:|2 "A7"ABc "D"d2||

Six comments

This is one I made up while noodling around recently. I wanted to submit here for opinions before playing it for "real" people. I know it’s scale-y and note-y. To my ear it sounds too simple and predictable and there’s not a lot of room for ornamentation, but it moves quickly and easily and the chords add the interest that the melody lacks. I haven’t tried it out with a room full of fiddlers yet but I think it might sound pretty neat. Any opinions would be greatly appreciated.
I named it The Silver Spur just to add to the confusion that already exists when folks in noisy venues are trying to decide whether they’re going to play The Silver Spear or The Silver Spire. I’m contemplating naming my next inspiration The Silver Spore.

Hey, nifty tune!

I like it! I especially like the arrangement, though it would be hell to get people to try to pick it up just by hearing the melody; they’d have to hear or see the arrangement.

I really like this tune, it has a good melody. It goes along well if afterwards you go into the silver spear too. I must ask though, are all those chords really necessary?

I think I’ll introduce this at our session sometime….