Domhnall Na Graine jig

Also known as Daniel Of The Sun, Domhnall Na Greine, Donall Na Greine.

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One setting

X: 1
T: Domhnall Na Graine
R: jig
M: 6/8
L: 1/8
K: Gmaj
|:fed cde|fed cAG|cAA A2G|cAA A2G|
fed cde|fed cAd|cAF G3|cAF G3:|
G3 AGA|cAA BGd|cAF G3|cAF G3:|
|:a2f g2e|fed cAG|cAA A2G|cAA A2G|
a2f g2e|fed cAd|cAF G2A|cAF G3:|
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Domhnall na Graine

I heard this tune on the Full Set program on RTE, Liam O’Flynn and Paddy Glackin were playing the tune. It is very different to the tunes on this data base with the same name. Another fantastic Jig from the Goodman collection.

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Daniel of the sun

I’d say this is not different enough to be considered a different tune from the tune I know as Donal na Greine or Daniel of the Sun,
(the version I remember is most close to the one given by Gian Marco in the comments section).

I’ve sent the abc’s to the Daniel of the Sun site in case this one gets removed by Jeremy. Although very distinctively different I suppose that is where it should really be but doing it this way does draw people’s attention to it.

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I vote for keeping it on a separate page - it’s a LOT different from the usual version.


I just heard a lovely rendition of this song on RnaG. I didn’t know it was a proper song with lyrics until now. It should be available to stream from their website soon.