Two recordings of
Lucy Campbell

Crowley’s (reel) is also known as Crowley’s #1, Crowley’s No. 1, Crowley’s No.1, Fin’s Favourite, Master Crowley’s, Master Crowleys, Ríl Uí Chruaidhlaoich.

Lucy Campbell (reel) is also known as Lucy Cambell, Lucy Cambell’s, Lucy Campbell, Luighseach Chaimbhéal, Miss Lucy Campbell.

Bridging The Gap by Mick Mulvey

  1. Crowley’s
  2. The Montua
  3. Lucy Campbell’s

Live at the West London Folk Club by Brendan McGlinchey

  1. Kitty Will You Come Down To Limerick?
  2. Crowley’s
  3. Lucy Campbell’s