Laoise Kelly’s jig

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One setting

X: 1
T: Laoise Kelly's
R: jig
M: 6/8
L: 1/8
K: Amaj
cAF ~E3|~A3 cde|deB BAB|gfe ^de=d|
cAF ~E3|~A3 cde|dfb cea|1 BAG Aed:|2 BAG A2B||
cee fee|aee edc|~d3 ede|d2f fed|
cee fee|aee edc|~d3 ceB|1 BAG A2B:|2 BAG Aed||

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The original

This came up in a discussion recently which led me to post the original version, linked above. It’s been through “the folk process” to arrive at Ernestine’s version.

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Laoise Kelly’s jig

Does anyone have an alternative anme for the second jig in the set “Port na gCairdeanna” - I know it but can’t remember what as!


Thanks concertinaplayer - that helped - I don’t know the Cordal name (though I know a Julia Clifford’s - another alternate - though it’s JC’s Hornpipe that I play - different again) but the Cordal comments led me to Morgan Rattler

Thanks for the link, Kenny. I suppose this setting should really be in the comments section for your earlier tune submission. Interesting to hear the “folk process.”

What a funny mistake…

This is so funny, the version that Ernistine Healy plays, is different than the one Laoise Kelly plays on her album. Laoise Kelly does play “The Trip to London” as it was transcribed when it was first posted here. So that Ernistine Healy’s version is now called “Laoise Kelly’s” is pretty funny, to me anyway. I guess this is how tune names are formed ;)