Three recordings of a tune named
John Keith Lang
With a tune named
Miss Monaghan

John Keith Lang (reel) is also known as John Keith Laing.

Miss Monaghan (reel) is also known as Connacht Lasses, The Green Fields To America, Miss Monaghan’s, Miss Monaghans, Miss Monahan’s, Shannon Shores, Stormy Weather.

Début by Field Marshal Montgomery Pipe Band

  1. The Shetland
  2. The Successful Lover
  3. John Keith Laing
  4. Miss Monaghan’s
  5. The Shetland Reel (Reprise)

Great Intentions by Men Of Worth

  1. Miss Monaghan
  2. Spootiskerry
  3. John Keith Laing

The Orkney Sessions From The Ayre Hotel by Various Artists

  1. The Successful Lover
  2. John Keith Laing
  3. Miss Monaghan’s