The Double Rise jig

By Phil Cunningham

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Six comments

Easier than it sounds

This tune is easier to play than it sounds, which is always a plus with me. Absolutely beautiful when played up to speed. This is written by John Cunningham of Silly Wizard and can be heard on their live album along with Blackwell Court, Highland Laddie, and Gillie’s Taxis.


Not Silly Wizard but Relativity…always get them mixed up but then who doesn’t?

Double Rise

I’d forgotten about this tune. I learnt this a few years back from the Wolfstone album. The key is Amix, by the way, not Bmin (the tune resolves onto A, not B). Doesn’t matter for the sheetmusic key sig as they are the same anyway, but for abc purposes it might as well be accurate. If you decide to edit it, you as the submitter of the tune are the only one able to do so.


I’m sure it was Phil who wrote this, not Johnny. The “Double Rise” refers to clay-pigeon shooting, which was something Phil was into when he lived on Skye - never Johnny, as far as I know, so it’s more likely that Phil wrote it. I’ll have to check, but I’d put money on it.

Changed to amix
and I meant to write Phil, as it’s clearly an accordion tune (in my mind at least) because of the ornamentation. Don’t know why I said Johnny…still, a beautiful tune although the third bit always gives me trouble, especially throwing in that b in AaA fdb


I have this in a book by Phil Cunningham. The fiddles seem to have a hard time with it at first, the up and down on the A, I think. Thanks for the information about clay-pigeon shooting. I always did wonder where that name came from.