The Baiji March mazurka

Also known as March For The Baiji, The Yangtze River Dolphin, The Yangtze River Dolphin’s March.

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Two settings

X: 1
T: The Baiji March
R: mazurka
M: 3/4
L: 1/8
K: Dmaj
F3 E D/E/F|A2 AF D<E|F2 FG EF|1 D4:|2 D3||
|:A dc|B2 BA FG|A2 AF dc|B2 B>A F<A|E3 A dc|
B>c BA E/F/G|A>B AF DE|F3 G EF|1 D3:|2 D4||
X: 2
T: The Baiji March
R: mazurka
M: 3/4
L: 1/8
K: Dmaj
F3 E D/E/F|A2 AF D<E|F2 FG EF|1 D4:|2 D3||
|:A dc|B2 BA FG|A2 AF dc|B3 A dF|E3 A dc|
B>c BA E/F/G|A2 AF DE|F2 FG EF|1 D3:|2 D4||
f2 f>e df|a2 af df|g2 gb ag|fg ef de|
f3 e d/e/f|a2 af d<e|f2 fg e<f|1 d4:|2 d3||
|:A dc|B3 A E/F/G|A2 AF dc|B2 BA dF|E3 A dc|
B>c BA FG|A>B AF D2|F3 G EF|1 D3:|2 D4||

Five comments

“The Baiji March”

This has obvious hints to mazurkas and the playing of Sonny Brogan and those mazurkas that sometimes carry his name, “Sonny’s”. It came as a 3/4 march on a Chinese reed flute roughly in Bb if not completely in tune with itself, but close enough, with me in a mood and also not necessarily completely in tune with myself. I have had a running love affair with water and the life it supports, probably since the womb. I have also always wanted to travel the Yangtze and see these dolphins, and other things, pre the dam building and flooding. That will never be now, and now too these endangered creatures may have become extinct?

BAIJI (pronounced (BYE-chee), Yangtze freshwater dolphins

BBC: Rare river dolphin ‘now extinct’

A freshwater dolphin found only in China is now “likely to be extinct”, a team of scientists has concluded.

The researchers failed to spot any Yangtze river dolphins, also known as baijis, during an extensive six-week survey of the mammals’ habitat.

The team, writing in Biology Letters journal, blamed unregulated fishing as the main reason behind their demise.

If confirmed, it would be the first extinction of a large vertebrate for over 50 years. ~

The scientists added that there were a number of human activities that caused baiji numbers to decline, including construction of dams and boat collisions.

“However, the primary factor was probably unsustainable by-catch in local fisheries, which used rolling hooks, nets and electrofishing,” they suggested.

“Unlike most historical-era extinctions of large bodied animals, the baiji was the victim not of active persecution but incidental mortality resulting from massive-scale human environmental impacts - primarily uncontrolled and unselective fishing,” the researchers concluded.

(& the use of explosives!!!)

~ | B2 BA d<F | ~

B-part, bar 3, another way I play it… It could also be played as a mazurka…

This began as an exploration for tunes for teaching where the A-part, at least, was limited to the notes D to B, with finger exercises no larger than a third and that had opportunities for cuts and other grace notes and ornaments for future development…

~ and could be taken at a slow reflective pace, like a funeral march…

I was also thinking about an old friend here, the ‘Dow’, who is full of wisdom but once told me there was no such thing as 3/4 marches… He does usually get it right and has found me out squiff more times than I have him…giving help and assistance in clearing up my slips of ignorance, which are appreciated… He might even give me guff over this? 😏

Oh yeah, forgetful me, another reason and way for that A-part, I move in and out of two octaves, etc, in one way ~

|: de |
f2 f>e df | a2 af df | g2 gb ag | fg ef de |
f3 e d/e/f | a2 af d<e | f2 fg e<f |1 d4 :|2 d3 ||