Five recordings of The Long Room At Scarborough

Also known as Casks Of Brandy, Long Room In Scarborough, The Long Room In Scarborough, Long Room Of Scarborough, The Long Room Of Scarborough, Miss Butler’s Fancy.

This tune has been recorded together with Peacock Follow The Hen (a few times), Sir Roger De Coverley (a few times), Andrew Carr, Rince Philib A’Cheoil, Shew Us The Way To Wallington.

  1. English Fiddle Tunes by Pete Cooper
  2. Hardcore English: 50 Tunes From Manuscript, Recorded And Aural Sources by Various Artists
  3. The Green ‘Un by Katie Howson
  4. Trip To Harrogate by Canny Fettle
  5. Varry Canny by Canny Fettle