Rebop The Bebop reel

By Matt Seattle

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One setting

X: 1
T: Rebop The Bebop
R: reel
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Dmaj
"D"f3e dA A/A/A|"G"BAdc "D"BA A/A/A|"G"BAdB "D/F#"Ad d/d/d|"Em"edgf "A"eAde|
"D"f2 f>e dA A/A/A|"G"BAdc "D"BA A/A/A|"G"BAdB "D"Ad d/d/d|"A"edfe "D"d4:|
|:"D"faaf gfed|"G"eff>e "D"dA A/A/A|"G"BAdB "D/F#"Ad d/d/d|"Em"edgf "A"eAde|
[1 "D"faaf gfed|"G"eff>e "D"dA A/A/A|"G"BAdB "D"Ad d/d/d|"A"edfe "D"d4:|
[2 "D"faea daca|"G"BAdc "D"BA A/A/A|"G"BAdB "D"Ad d/d/d|"A"edfe "D"d4||
|:"D"fadf BdAd|"G"BdGd "D"BA A/A/A|"G"BdGB "D/F#"Ad d/d/d|"Em"edgf "A"eAde|
"D"fadf BdAd|"G"BdGd "D"BA A/A/A|"G"BdGB "D"Ad d/d/d|"A"edfe "D"d4:|
"D"LfAdLa AdLfA|"D"dLaAd BA A/A/A|"G"LgBdLa BdLgB|"G"dLfBd "A"eAde|
"D"LfAdLa AdLgA|"D"dLfAd BA A/A/A|"G"BAdB "D"Ad d/d/d|"A"edfe "D"d4|
"D"LaAdLg AdLfA|"D"dLeAd fAda|"G"LgBdLa BdLgB|"G"dLfBd "A"eAde|
"D"a/a/a ga faea|"D"d/a/a ca BA A/A/A|"G"BAdB "D"Ad d/d/d|"A"edfe "D"d4||

Five comments

Rebob The Bebop

About time I learnt how to abc, so I followed Steve Mansfield’s tutorial (thanks!) and tried this one out on
until it looked right.
It’s a tricky one on fiddle because I wote it on pipes. Borders accordion wizz Gary Forrest did a great job on it when I gave him the dots.

good to hear from you, Matt. I live out in Washington state, you know, where the "other" Seattle is. I’ve enjoyed your duet books for a long time, good to know you’re still kicking. Don

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Great tune, Matt - a friend introduced me to it yesterday, I’m hooked. Sounds good on concertina (anglo) but the fingering’s a nightmare.
So back to work, then …

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i think its gonna be tricky on any instrument…

its hard on the whistle but managable im sure with

Hi Matt.
I’m disappointed - only four parts!