Jenny On The Railroad reel

Also known as Colonel Crockett, The Route.

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One setting

X: 1
T: Jenny On The Railroad
R: reel
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Ador
A2[c2A2] [B2A2] [c2A2]| ABAF G4 | G2GA BAG2 | BAG2 A4 |
cABA cAA2 | cAEF G4 | BGAG AGG2 | BAEG A4 ||
ABcd e2g2 | fedf edcB | ABcd eggg | fedf e4 |
a2ab agef | gedB AGG2 | G2GA BAG2 | A4 A4 ||

One comment

Curse me

Curse me if you will for adding another "non-irish" tune, but a good tune is a good tune right? This is from my fiddling and the 2nd 4 bars is a variation although… more like the tune is usually played.

This tune is not uncommon among current old time players in Virginia, WV and probably North Carolina. If a modern fiddler plays this he could proabably tell you "what" version he or she is playing… "Hammons", "Henry Reed" "Melvin Wine." My B part here has some characteristics of Henry Reed’s but isnt the same.

In the trad. versions Ive looked at from the "older" players, the B part is never the same. A reel? This notation doesnt include the syncopation that usually goes along with the "pulse" of this tune. The A4’s in the tune are usually unison (double stringed with the D string on fiddle. I tried to notate that on the first bar also.) And also have some quick grace? notes of E and F leading into them. To get the feel, Id suggest finding a recording, these abc’s are just a framework. (as usual)